Mark 1

Session 2-29

Leerstrom's Research; Buying a House

Eonus 10th (cont.)

The PCs question Reed. He says that the Fangs are thieves not killers. They ask him why the Fangs stole for the murderers. He seems surprised and says that he didn’t know anything about his customers. He offers to make them a deal. The PCs lie and say they’ll take him up on it. They leave and rest at the Nine Lives. When they wake up, they are approached by Jonalas Abernathy. He tells them that Thorndyke has sent him to be around if they need to talk to someone from the Front. He also informs they are likely to be in danger now from the Crimson Fangs.
The Heroes leave the gambling house and spend a few hours buying and selling equipment. They buy a house in the Wealthy Residential district. They spend a few hours doing that and making arrangements to hire servants to take care of their belongings. After that, they visit Leerstrom and give him the symbols they found at the Fang’s hideout. He tells them that he’s been working at using the symbols they’ve already given him to translate the blood prophet’s writings. He says he’s confirmed that the murderer was using the same symbols that were found in ancient burial mounds that were excavated 30 years ago. He tells them about the ancient tribal people and how the writings dealt with a demonic being they worshipped called Tsaag- Nalta. Leerstrom tells them to come back the next night to see if he’s finished his work on researching the new symbols.


Lwitherspoon Lwitherspoon

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