Mark 1

Session 2-30

The Sage; The Vrock

Eonus 10th cont.

The PCs return home. Xen stays up late and successfully adds shocking grasp to his spellbook.

Eonus 11th

Upon awkening, half of the party heads to the slums to speak with Jonalas while the other half travels to the home of Gweir Dywellion. In the slums, they hear that there has been more fighting than usual among the gangs in the slums. They learn that some of the Fangs’ bosses split from Harlan after finding out that some of the jobs they had done were for whoever was responsible for the murders. They hear from Jonalas that one of the bosses is now working for the Front.

The PCs that head to the civic district find Dywellion’s home. He takes them upstairs to show them the journal of the blood prophet. When questioned, he says he believes that the murderer is merely a copycat. The PCs want to wait and ambush whoever is planning to steal the journal. Dywellion agrees, but only after the PCs allow him to return with hired guards. When he does, they ask him to take a look at the symbols they’ve found at the murder sites and compare them to the writings in the journal. He agrees to do this and sets to work while the guards and party wait in the next room. Blyx, keeping an eye on the streets below while she waits, sees a suspicious looking young man who appears to be taking quite a bit of interest in the house as he passes by house then doubles back.

On their way to rejoin their fellows at Dywellion’s home, the rest of the party hears a great commotion on the streets of the Civic district. They see guards rushing past and they follow them. They come to a crowd gathered around the body of a city councilman. They learn from the crowd that he’s been assassinated, and that the assassin has escaped. They also hear that this councilman is reputed to have had ties to the city’s underworld. They decide to continue on to the sage’s home.

When Dywellion emerges from his study, it turns out that he agrees that the symbols the murderer is using are part of the same formulae described in the book. He is startled and agrees to let the PCs do what they must with the journal. One of the party picks up the journal and tosses it into the fire burning in the hearth. The entire book begins to glow in the fire as though it were made of metal. Flames belch forth from hearth as 3 imps leap out and attack the PCs. Dywellion flees back into his study. His guards follow him. As the heroes are fighting the imps, one of the creatures casts a fear spell. A couple of the PCs along with the sage and his guards flee the imps in terror. They sprint down the stairs to the first floor. As the remaining PCs continue battling the imps, they hear the floorboards groan beneath their feet. Something travels through the floor toward the room across the hall and behind them. Out of that fireplace climbs a large, vultire-like demon. The PCs manage to slay one imp, but one of the remaining two snatches the journal from the fire before they both escape by smashing through a window. The fleeing PCs regain their composure and rejoin the fight upstairs. The big demon screeches horribly stunning some of the party. They close to melee but Duncan’s magical axe is the only weapon that seems to damage the creature. Duncan hits it several times. but not before being shredded by the demon’s claws. Sebastian heals the dwarf, but Duncan takes more damage as he and Sebastian are both hit by spores expelled from its body. Duncan suffers no further effects, but where the spores pierced Sebastian’s skin, they begin to grow. Vines soon emerge from the wounds. Cinndel, judging the demon to be an overpowering foe, calls for a retreat. The PCs make for the stairs. The demon vanishes and reappears blocking their path. Duncan and Sebastian take more damage from the demons claws before they’re able to get around it and downstairs. The demon continues to teleport to places that impede their escape all the way up to the foyer near the front door. Duncan and Sebastian manage to make it out to the street where the rest of the party is waiting without taking much more damage. The creature teleports again and flying above them, leers at them momentarily before flying higher and out of sight. Dywellion and his guards emerge from the home. Seeing the horrid vines sprouting from Sebastian, he advises the cleric to quickly douse them with holy water if he has any. Sebastian does what the sage says and the vines crumble to dust.


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