Mark 1

Session 2-31

Alley of Entanglement

Eonus 11th 5:30 PM

The PCs spend a moment longer questioning the sage before heading back toward Leerstrom’s. They only make it a few blocks before they spot the quasit in an alleyway. It is conversing with the same suspicious looking man that had been watching the sage’s house. He has four men with him. Sebastian casts a hold spell on the leader and Cindell casts entangle down the alley at all of them. The leader succumbs to the hold spell and two of his men are entangled. The quasit avoids the magical vegetation, then tries unsuccessfully to pry the journal out of the held leader’s hands. Duncan hits it solidly with an arrow, but it doesn’t seem to do any damage to the creature. Cindell casts a flaming sphere and directs it into the entangled men who can’t move to avoid it.

Two go up in flames while ranged attacks drop the others. Xen remembers that acid should damage a quasit normally, so he casts acid arrow at it. The projectile slams into the fiend and begins eating away at it. It flies at the party and attacks Duncan. Xen pulls out his wand of magic missile and fires at the quasit. Two missiles hit the creature and it goes down. The party have left the leader alive hoping to question him. They stand for just a moment pondering how to get the journal without having to wait for the entangle spell to end. As they do so, an arrow comes from a window facing the alley from the other end, killing the leader. Blyx spots a woman’s face disappearing from a window in that direction. Though the leader is dead, the hold spell keeps him standing, clutching the journal. The woman and five more men appear at the far end of the alley. The party recognize her as from the description they heard. It is Malia Bexley, the woman who was going to steal the journal with the help of the Crimson Fangs. With the plants grasping in the alley between them, the woman smiles evilly at the party and says that they’ll never get the book. Cindell replies saying “We’ll see about that”. Malia laughs and says “Two can play at this game”. With that she casts a web spell into the party’s end of the alley. Cindell and Duncan avoid becoming held fast by the magical web, but they are entangled in it and greatly slowed down. The web fails to anchor out in the street where the rest of the party stands, however it totally blocks their view of Malia. Xen tried to clear some of the web in front of Duncan by throwing alchemists fire. He misses and hits Duncan with it. The dwarf is burned, but not badly. The quick burst of flame has burned him free of webs though. Other members of the party clear some of the web by throwing oil on it and igniting it. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Xen realized that the held leader can be reached through a window just next to him without having to risk becoming entangled. Xen finds a scroll of spider climb and casts it on Sebastian. Sebastian sprints into the building which turns out to be the office of a scribe. The party can now see Malia and her men through the webs. They are casting spells on themselves, one of which causes magical masks to appear on their faces. Another causes ghostly spears to appear in their hands.

Xen casts pyrotechnics at Cindell’s flaming sphere, causing it to erupt in a blinding display of fireworks. Duncan and Blyx are temporarily blinded by the bright flash of light. Two of Malia’s men are as well. Cindell casts a spell that causes flames to appear in her hands. She burns herself free of the entangling webs. Malia appears to be waiting for the players to make a move. Before she can react, however, Sebastian climbs through the window onto the wall, easily grabs the journal, then climbs back into the building. Malia becomes furious and shouts “get them!”
The party flees. They don’t see any signs of pursuit. They decide to head to the Nine Lives to seek aid from the United Front.


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