Mark 1

Session 2-32

The Journal of the Blood Prophet

Eonus 11th 6:30 PM

Jonalas peeks in and sees the party is under attack. The creature is right around the doorframe from him. He attempts to tumble past it to set up a flanking position, but fails, narrowly missing being bitten. He manages to slash the thing wounding it slightly. Blyx rushes forward and stabs at the demon with her shortsword. Her blade is perfectly aimed and the creature sinks to the ground motionless. Its corpse vanishes. Sebastian awakens and tells the party what he saw. Xen is able to provide some interpretation based on what he remembers about the history of the area. The party set the book on the table and cast detection spells at it trying to determine if it’s the cause of the trance and summoning. The spells show a strong magical aura, but they fail to determine what type of magic. They decide to try to rest again. This time, Jonalas and 2 of his men remain in the room. After another hour passes, Xen slips into a trance and 3 dretches appear in the room. Blyx spots it early enough so that the party gets the jump on the demons. Her, Duncan and the thieves attack the creatures before they can even react. The party realize they can’t get their needed rest with the book in their possession. They decide to head to the temple of eternal light to see if something can be done about it. On their way, they notice a greenish tinted wall of clouds approaching in the sky to the north.

The PCs arrive at the temple and are greeted by the priest Gwilym. They explain their situation. He consults Coracynth and returns to let the heroes know that the priests there will try to use what divine powers they have to dispel the evil from the book and to learn what they can of its source. He offers them a safe place to rest the night. They gladly accept. Jonalas offers to return with his men in the morning. Over the next few hours, they see a storm roll in with strange, greenish lightning. When it’s finished, they see the moon is tinted green.

Eonus 12th

Upon awakening, the PCs learn that the priests are beginning their work on the unholy book. While they’re waiting, they decide to consult Leerstrom. On their way, they see that the sky is overcast with a peculiar shade of green. Leerstrom tells them that his research has revealed that the murderers are attempting to call some kind of great prophet or shaman. There are two places where this might occur, the place where Lacroix first received his vision from Tsaag-Nalta or the place in the old town where he hid out and took his own life. Sebastian remembers from his trance that Lacroix encountered the demonic statue in the forest. Leerstrom knows that this place must be the Nacerian burial mounds in the forest north of the city. The PCs ask him if he thinks the original journal of the blood prophet would be helpful to him. He says it may, and asks to see it at the temple.
The party return to the cathedral of eternal light. They find out from the priests that they were able to dispel the evil from the book. With the PCs present, Coracynth casts a divination spell that allows them to see that Malia Bexley is with a group of people in a shabby room performing some sort of ritual on a robed and masked skeletal figure who is layed out on a table before them. When she is finished, two knights of the temple walk in. Coracynth explains that she has sent for what aid was near that could come quickly. She introduces Adelina the Vigilant and her companion Dauid. The party decide to find the death place of Lacroix. Leerstrom doesn’t know exactly where that is in old town, but Coracynth offers to cast find the path on the adventurers.


Lwitherspoon Lwitherspoon

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