Mark 1

Session 2-33

The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta

Eonus 12 (cont)

As the party and their allies head toward the old town, they notice a peculiar cloud of shimmering colors advancing toward the city. As they reach the center of the city, the cloud draws close enough that they can see it’s actually a swarm of locusts. It descends on Sylvandale eating everything alive in sight. Amidst the chaos, the group is attacked. They spend a few moments trying to fight off the swarms, but realize that trying to kill them is hopeless. They spot a sewer entrance, fight their way to it, then descend to the safety of the tunnels.

They make their way to the old town through the sewers. They get as close as possible to their destination, then they climb back to the surface. They see that this barren area of the city isn’t being swarmed, so they take to the streets. They make their way through the overgrown ruins and, follow Cinndell who is being guided by the spell cast on her by Coracynth. As they reach a narrow alley, Cinndell knows that their destination is near. They can see green light flickering from a nearby building. They can tell that there is no roof. The building is just a shell. They see that the alleyway leads to a gate. Blyx sneaks forward and sees that through the gate is a courtyard that lies in front of the building. There are several cultists there, apparently standing guard. Cinndell sends Jonalas to scout the area around the building and see if there’s another way to approach. He returns telling her that there is another alley leading to another courtyard on the other side of the building. Meanwhile, Sebastian casts detect magic and checks the gate. He senses that it is trapped with some kind of warding magic. Cinndell sends Jonalas, Xen, and Dauid along with a few rogues and men at arms to guard the other alley exit and prevent anyone from escaping. Her group dispels the ward on the gate. With Blyx watching the cultist guards, Cinndell casts a spel to call lightning down on the building where the cult must be performing its dark ritual. When the first bolt strikes, the cultist guards rush back to the building. After the second strike, they can hear an enraged scream. They begin to advance and encounter more groups of cultists in the courtyard. The groups try to form circles, chanting in unison but they aren’t able to concentrate because they’re being struck down too quickly by the advancing allies. The battle reaches a second courtyard directly in front of the steps to the building’s front entrance. Cultists begin entering and exiting in confusion. Some dread cultists are carried out. An obvious leader emerges clutching a cloth bag. Malia Bexley is at his side.

Upon seeing the battle raging in the courtyard, they begin casting spells. The leader’s body is briefly covered in a shimmering magical layer. After casting a second spell, he takes to the air walking up as though there were solid ground beneath his feet. The second group of allies, led by Jonalas, charges into the other side of the building. Cinndell calls another bolt of lightning down on the cult leader, but it doesn’t penetrate the shimmering layer around him. Malia casts a web spell into the center of the allies.

The battle begins to turn a bit on the allies, but soon, Duncan and Adelina free themselves from the web and advance, pursuing Malia and the cultists back into the building. Inside, they encounter the second group of allies and the battle is rejoined.


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