Mark 1

Session 2-35

Downtime; Namara's Tomb

Eonus 11th

The party returns the Blood Prophet’s remains to the Temple of Eternal Light. There they encounter (priest) who takes credit for saving the city.

They visit Leerstrom, who is happy to learn that he helped to foil the cult’s plans. They learn from him that Ernst Abernathy may have work for them.

Eonus 12th

The party spends time shopping. They visit the Nine Lives Gaming House to check in with the United Front. They learn that the Front has lost much territory to the Fangs since the assassination of Lord Bertelemy. The PCs express a wish to help, but the Front says there’s nothing they know of that they can do. The PCs return to Leerstrom and question him about the thieves. He doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion either way.


Eonus 24th
The second harvest begins. Cinndell wishes to walk the forest to give libations to the trees. While doing so, she encounters Cranog Camm, a druid in the Circle of Lanthemar. He talks to her a bit asking where she’s from and what she does. He explains that his circle tends to the forest north of Sylvandale and east of the rivers. He invites her back to see his superior. Cinndell meets Cati John, the leader of the circle. Cinndell asks her what she knows of Namara. Cati explains that she was a powerful elven warrior who was known as a hunter of beasts. She was said to have wielded a weapon that was once traditional among her people, a set of three circular blades that could be thrown. She explains that during a horrible war long ago, an avatar of the God Ithyx terrorized the land. It was a great, black mass of tentacles. Namara defeated it in an epic battle but was also killed. Since the location of her remains were never found, a wizard she had recently fallen in love with buried all that was found of her which was one of her blades. He constructed a tomb, laid magical wards on it, and buried the weapon in her place.
Cinndell thanks her for the information and goes to leave. Cati invites Cinndell to the next moot in a month.
Cinndell returns home.


Xen studies and adds seven spells to his spellbook.

Ebardos 12th

The party decide to check out the place where the shield was found. They journey a few hours southeast of the city into lands inhabited by cattle herders. There, they track down the herder who discovered the door. He leads them to it. Bidding the herdsman farewell, the PCs approach the double stone doors. One is slightly ajar. They cast a spell to detect any magic ahead. They can tell that there are auras of medium strength about 40 feet ahead, but they are close together and confusing. Duncan forces the door completely open. He listens ahead. He can hear something stirring in the small entry room at the end of a short flight of stairs ahead. Soon, he can make out what looks like two giant centipedes hiding in the debris covering the floor. He charges in and slices through it with his axe. Riot follows him and kills the second creature with his bite. Before they enter the room ahead, Xen casts a spell to dispel some of the magic they’ve detected. He senses that there is now one less aura. Entering the room, the party are faced with three levers and a strong iron door with a pressure plate before it. Three corpses lay around the pressure plate, two appearing very long dead and skeletal, the third more recently dead but still badly decayed. Two of the bodies look badly charred. They search the bodies and find a small amount of gold and a scrap of parchment. It has what are obviously two combinations of the lever positions written on it, the first crossed off. The second is how the levers are currently positioned. Blyx, after searchimg the door and pressure plate, believes the pressure plate is no trap. She thinks that the pressure plate and levers are part of the lock mechanism on the door. The party move the levers in one combination then another, but nothing happens. Blyx suggests that the pressure plate may have something to do with it. They move the levers one more time. Blyx drags a corpse onto the pressure plate. As the plate is depressed, the door opens. The heroes can see a small room down a hallway ahead with a door on the far wall. In the middle of the room stands a 5 foot stone pyramid.



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