Mark 1

Session 2-36

Gargoyles; Blyx Falls

Ebardos 12th (cont.)

The party examines the pyramid. They see a small pyramid-shaped indentation on each of the three sides. They also see writing on it. In old common, it reads:

“gather ye thy friends are key
If as one you turn the three
The path ahead ye then shall see”

They try to detect magic and find that there are auras of evocation and transmutation in the area of the pyramid.
They decide to head through the door to the west. It opens into a short passageway that leads to another door. Opening that door, they see a room with the floor mostly collapsed into a natural cavern below. In the far wall is an alcove containing a small, pyramid shaped object. Cinndell uses her Druidic magic to shape the stone at their feet into a bridge. Blyx ties a rope around herself to be safe, then crosses the bridge and obtains the object. Next, they head back through the pyramid room down another short corridor to the east. They open the door at the end of it and see another room like the one to the west. There’s another pyramid-shaped object on the far wall. Sebastian examines the floor, and notices that something looks odd about it. They grab a stone and toss it ahead. It skips forward then falls through. Sebastian can see that the floor is an illusion. He describes this to the rest of the party. Blyx, still on the rope held by Duncan, runs forward toward the alcove and jumps the five foot gap in the center of the floor. She makes it over, but she triggers a pressure plate on the way. The blocks in the ceiling of the corridor come crashing down, pinning Duncan and Xen to the floor and closing the room off to Cinndell and Sebastian who safely jump back to avoid the trap. Riot and Blyx are now in the room alone. She’s still attached to the rope that’s tied around her Duncan. At the same moment the blocks come down, two gargoyles emerge from the cobwebs above and dive toward Blyx. She grabs the pyramid and starts fighting the creatures. Meanwhile, Duncan manages to struggle out from under the crushing blocks and into the room with Blyx and Riot. One of the gargoyles flies across to meet him.

The other gargoyle lands several blows on Blyx and drops her. She falls to the ground, dying. The gargoyle joins the fight against the dwarf and the wolf, just as Duncan kills the other creature. Riot can’t seem to damage the stone creature, so Duncan goes one on one with it. The monster rips into him with a flurry of claws and bites, but Duncan lands a couple of hard axe swings on it in the process. Duncan knows he is a hit or two away from death. He attacks once more, carefully, and catches the gargoyle with his axe. To his relief, the creature is mortally wounded and drops to the floor of the pit below. Duncan attempts to pull the dying rogue back to his side of the room using the rope, but the knot comes undone and she falls forty feet to her death. He ties the other end of the rope around the narrow section of floor in the center of the room, and climbs down it to retrieve Blyx’s body. Reaching the floor of the pit below, he sees that it’s a small, worked room with shallow water flowing across the floor toward the south west wall. This wall is badly eroded, and it sounds as though the water is falling into more natural caves beyond. He makes his way back up to the room above. The party wait, trying to figure out how to raise the fallen blocks trapping the dwarf and wolf. After an hour, the trap resets itself, and the corridor is open again. They head back out of the tomb and return to Sylvandale. They make arrangements at the Temple of Eternal Light to have Blyx raised from the dead.

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