Mark 1

Session 3-1

Dinner Party; Servant of Namara

Ebardos 14th (cont.)
The party rest for 8 hours in the bandit cave. Since there are only a couple hours left of daylight, they decide to spend the night there and return to Sylvandale the following morning. Xen tells of his first party’s misadventure in Varadinum and what he knows and saw of the ruined city. He warns them that walking directly into the city would be suicide.

Ebardos 15th
The party depart the cave to return to Sylvandale. 15 minutes into their journey, they hear voices ahead on the opposite side of the creek. They hide and wait to see who the men are. They see that they are Red Fangs. They mention a boat and picking up a shipment. The party wait until they pass, then stealthy put some distance between them and the bandit cave where the Fangs must be headed.

The party reach Sylvandale in the afternoon. They head to the Nine Lives Gaming Hall to talk to Thorndyke. He thanks them for taking out the ogre and says he will now waive the fees for joining the Front. He explains more about the current situation the Front is in fighting the Fangs and some of the benefits their guild offers. The party are interested in the black market dealers. Thorndyke tells them of Clough’s Gold and Silver and tells them to mention his name. The party head there directly.
They spend some time buying and selling there. They purchase a light crossbow + 1 and bracers of armor + 2 for Xen.
Returning home, Gethin tells them of a storm that damaged the roof. Cinndell gives him gold to get that taken care of. He also tells them they received an invitation to a dinner party here in the wealthy residential district in two days. Some of their neighbors are curious to meet them. The PCs rest and sleep.

Ebardos 16th
The PCs ask around the city to find where they can hire the best guards around. They hire four experienced fighting men and bring them to their home. Cinndell gives them instructions on how to guard the property.

Ebardos 17th
The PCs head to the Swavely residence for the dinner party. There, they meet some of their neighbors.

Ebardos 18th
The PCs travel to Namara’s Tomb. They open the last of the doors leading off the pyramid room. The room ahead has three doors in the east, west, and south walls.
In the center of the room is a platform with a stone bier on it. An armored, skeletal figure is lying on it clutching a sword and shield. They cast detect magic. They discover a faint magic aura radiating off of the skeleton, and two medium auras coming from each room. They explore each room finding two statues of warriors and a riddle on the wall of each. They aren’t able to figure out the answers. They begin heading back out toward the pyramid room, saying that they give up. When they say this, the skeletal figure rises. He says they’ve failed the test of wits and that now he will test their might. Duncan swings at him but his axe is deflected by the skeleton’s shield. Blyx shoots her crossbow at him but the bolt also lodges in his shield. Cinndell manages to strike him with her rapier, but the weapon only does partial damage to him. Duncan catches a glimpse of movement in one of the small riddle chambers. A statue has come to life, and is coming to join the battle.


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