Mark 1

Session 3-2

Expert Advice

Ebardos 18th (cont)

The party engages in battle with Batrun and the statue he animated. Batrun animates a second statue. The party turns and retreats. They rest just outside the entrance to the tomb to recuperate their spells.

Near Sundown

Blyx stealthily enters the tomb, makes her way to the room where they had just fought, and peers around the
corner to see what’s happening. She sees that Batrun is again resting on the stone bier. The statues are no longer animated, but they are flanking the entrance to the room. Blyx returns to the party outside the tomb. They travel back to Sylvandale.

The party head for their house in the wealthy neighborhood and rest for the night.

Ebardos 19th

They wake up the next day and visit Leerstrom. They tell him about the riddles from the tomb and ask if he knows the answers. He thinks he has the answers to two of the three, but he’s not sure. He can’t figure out the third. The party ask him who might be able to help them solve the riddles. He suggests they try the sage Gweir Dywellion. When they arrive at the home of the sage, they find him slightly afraid to see them and irritable. Sebastian explains the party’s point of view to him and he relaxes. He agrees to research the riddles for a small fee. He tells the PCs to return at sundown.
While waiting for the research, the party go to the Nine Lives Gaming House to speak to Thorndyke. They talk to him a bit about what it means to be a member of the guild and Blyx spends some time gambling. She wins a good amount of gold.
The party return to the Sage’s home. He has found the answers to the riddles.


Lwitherspoon Lwitherspoon

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