Alesette Mareven


Libertine daughter of an affluent Sylvandale family. Murdered by The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta


•Alesette was a rebellious young woman from a wealthy upper class family.

•She was a user of black lotus. She usually got it from other decadent wealthy people, but lately her habit had grown severe enough that she had begun visiting the slums to get the drug when she couldn’t find safer means.

•she bought from ___ (drug den) and went to ___ to get high. There she was encountered by the murderer at random and executed.

•Alesette’s father is a widower. Her mother died over a decade ago. She had been receiving gold from him, though she didn’t associate with him. He knows she had a drug habit. He didn’t realize how severe it was.

Alesette Mareven

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