Miron Veldspar

Weathered, wiry, near white and round beard, worldly, direct


Owner of Veldspar Stables

Patriarch of the Veldspars, a powerful merchant family who have a reputation for having the finest horses in Faladon

Miron was once captain of a merchant fleet. He took his profits and retired to the countryside. He made a name for himself by investing in a trading expedition led by his brother Cledwyn Veldspar who journeyed to the north and was able to negotiate a deal with a tribe of Medwyn horsemen. The Veldspars are able to bring in horses that are superior to those offered by other stables. With breeding, that superiority has lessened somewhat, but the Veldspar name is still associated with the finest.

Brother:Cledwyn Veldspar

Nephew: Agnus Veldspar sells mounts in Heton

Nephew: Sawel Veldspar

•Miron has superior stock due to his brother’s trade with the Medwyn tribes

Miron Veldspar

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