Mitrik Heliot

Leader, The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta


22 years ago, Mitrik Heliotobtained a copy of the Blood Prophet’s writings and became obsessed with unravelling their mysteries. He made contact with others who were knowledgable about Tsaag-Nalta and has secretly organized and spread these teachings by forming The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta.

Mitrik showed a capacity for learning at an early age. He was educated by the finest sages in Bridgeport. He was sent to Mephas to attend university. There he took an interest in philosophy and history. Mitrik was fascinated by the similarity of the rules that govern business and politics and those of nature. He was sickened by the interest in fashion and debauchery his elite peers showed. While he was away, his family was caught on the wrong side of a political struggle. His father was thrown into the dungeon on false charges and his mother moved far away to live with her family. Mitrik was able to gain the funds to continue his education by blackmail and by seducing and manipulating a wealthy widow. Soon he received word that his father died in the dungeon. He was devastated, but managed to complete his schooling. He sold off the family estate and retreated to an aging manor near Sylvandale that had been in his father’s family for generations. There he found a library. He sold his services as a sage in Sylvandale while building his library and repairing the manor. One day, he came upon an odd tome. It was the transcript of the writings of the blood prophet. He couldn’t decipher the symbols detailed therein, but many of the more coherent passages appealed to his hatred of the ruling class. He began trying to decipher the writings. He was able to find some order to the madness, and he soon became obsessed with unraveling the mysteries contained in the tome. He studied the tome, and recognized the description of a forgotten elder demon god called Tsaag-Nalta. He gathered other sources of information to compare with the teachings. Soon, he came to realize the tome may have been written by a madman, but it contained ancient and powerful truths. It pointed to the existence of a forgotten branch of worshipers that existed in the area during the age of dreams. Unlike the savages that were still faithful to the god today, these people had refined the faith in the faceless one. Further comparing the texts, he was able to use the prophet’s writing to unlock the meanings of some of the ancient teachings. He began to experience strange, seemingly supernatural signs that guided his way and led him to believe that he was the chosen one the writings spoke of who would fulfill the prophecies that the book foretold. Meanwhile, he had been on the lookout among the pupils he tutored for people who may be receptive to the wisdom he had received. This was a time of strong resentment by the youth toward the obsolete ideals of the older generations. Mitrik soon sat at the head of a small society of well educated men and women who held civilization to be an evil deception designed to allow weak cowards to rule when they didn’t even deserve to live.

Mitrik Heliot

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