Orrtethor Bonamont

Innkeeper, The Knight and the Wolf, Sylvandale Civic District


Middle aged, Bushy sideburns, Insulting, Lacking


Orrterhor inherited the Knight and Wolf from his father. The Bonamonts come from peasant stock, but through skill and hard work were able to amass enough money to rise to the middle class. His father bought the old inn from a family with strong ties to the Knights of Avralor who had fallen upon hard times. He was skilled enough to completely renovate it. Orrtethor inherited the inn 16 years ago. He abandoned his father’s pretenses of being a traditional stop for the knighthood and began catering to the upper class. The inn lost many of the Knight patrons it once drew but gained wealthy merchants and even visiting nobles. Orrtethor lacks the same sense of tradition as his father and views the influx of higher class patrons as proof of his views being more practical than his father’s. It is this resentment towards his father that drives him to try to gain ever more high class patrons.

Orrtethor Bonamont

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