Sir Miles Barrick

50's, tall and imposing build, sophisticated manner, intelligent, quiet, pessimistic, quick to anger


Male human Ari5/Ftr4

The Barrick family once had ambitions of getting close to the royal court, but in trying to do so picked up some powerful rivals. The Barricks had a history of successful military men going back about two hundred years. Miles showed brilliance in military tactics as an officer in the royal army but was also an eccentric and a bit of a drunken brawler. He was known by the King and had ties with those in the royal court, though his lack of social skills kept him from joining their ranks permanently. His military career was punctuated by incidents of conflicts with his superiors which gained him powerful enemies. Still, though he kept getting stuck in the most undesirable military commands, he managed to put together a series of unlikely military victories using his unrivaled brilliance at combat tactics. Meanwhile, he courted the lovely Lady Julianna of the prestigious Lanier family of Bridgeport. She fell for his good looks and his brash, aggressive manner. Unfortunately for him, she gained a rival suitor from another family of great prestige there, Sir Ethen Osgood. Osgood’s family used some of Barrick’s enemies to help ruin his reputation. Consequently, Lady Julianna’s father chose Sir Ethen to marry his daughter. Barrick took to the bottle harder than ever before. Now living up to his poor reputation, he was finally assigned the undesirable lordship of the mining outpost Blasingdell. There, using only a handful of men, he successfully drove away several tribes of orcs and other monsters who had plagued the town for generations. Though he still drinks his life away, he has managed to improve the defenses of the town. Trade is up.

Sir Miles Barrick

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