Thamas Leerstrom

Soft spoken, overly polite, overly serious,


Leerstrom Estate

Contacts: Ernst Abernathy (they trade regularly)

•Interprets writings to mean the ritual must take place at COTN Burial Mounds

•Believes something significant may happen at the place where Lacroix took his own life: COTN Hideout

•This transcription includes notations by the sage who attempted to decipher the strange symbols and patterns the blood prophet used. He was only partially successful. Using the symbols you’ve given me, I have confirmed my theory that they refer to a very ancient entity known as Tsaag-Nalta.

•Of course, the sage had no way of knowing. It was only about…oh…30 years ago? They excavated some of the local burial mounds and found the remains of one of the earliest groups of men to dwell in Faladon.
We still don’t know much about them.

•Somehow LaCroix was using the EXACT same symbols alongside his prophecies of doom.

• The text often mentions a day when the cities of Faladon are brought low for Tsaag- Nalta shall again hold his spear. The sage interpreted this as describing a time when the cities of Faladon would be laid to waste by the demon, but LaCroix also refers to himself as the weapon of his god. Besides that, I know there is a constellation once known as Tsaag-Nalta. Hopefully these symbols will fill in the missing blanks

•Tsaag-Nalta was a kind of primal spirit. Not unlike your Eonus, actually. But where the druids of Eonus teach that civilization is a weight that must be balanced, the shamans of Tsaag- Nalta viewed it as a corruption that must be destroyed.

•I can tell you already, each killing is a ritual leading to up to some larger event. A grand ritual of some sort, meant to bring about the beginning of a new era. I’m not sure what that means, but I am sure it can’t be good. Hopefully, if I manage to complete my translation of this prophesy, we may be able to predict the next move of whoever is responsible for these killings.

If given all symbols Leerstrom says it should take him one day of research to complete the translation. He asks where the PCs will be staying. He says he’ll send a messenger to summon them when he’s done.


Architect. Has designed several buildings in Sylvandale. Has also done some work in Bridgeport.

Attended a university in Bridgeport. Highly educated. Family has produced sages, wizards, astronomers, etc…
The study of aesthetics and history in architecture led him to an early interest in the forgotten and occult history of Falados, particularly Sylvandale.

Has a Small group of intellectual friends.

Thamas Leerstrom

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