Mark 1

Session 2-30
The Sage; The Vrock

Eonus 10th cont.

The PCs return home. Xen stays up late and successfully adds shocking grasp to his spellbook.

Eonus 11th

Upon awkening, half of the party heads to the slums to speak with Jonalas while the other half travels to the home of Gweir Dywellion. In the slums, they hear that there has been more fighting than usual among the gangs in the slums. They learn that some of the Fangs’ bosses split from Harlan after finding out that some of the jobs they had done were for whoever was responsible for the murders. They hear from Jonalas that one of the bosses is now working for the Front.

The PCs that head to the civic district find Dywellion’s home. He takes them upstairs to show them the journal of the blood prophet. When questioned, he says he believes that the murderer is merely a copycat. The PCs want to wait and ambush whoever is planning to steal the journal. Dywellion agrees, but only after the PCs allow him to return with hired guards. When he does, they ask him to take a look at the symbols they’ve found at the murder sites and compare them to the writings in the journal. He agrees to do this and sets to work while the guards and party wait in the next room. Blyx, keeping an eye on the streets below while she waits, sees a suspicious looking young man who appears to be taking quite a bit of interest in the house as he passes by house then doubles back.

On their way to rejoin their fellows at Dywellion’s home, the rest of the party hears a great commotion on the streets of the Civic district. They see guards rushing past and they follow them. They come to a crowd gathered around the body of a city councilman. They learn from the crowd that he’s been assassinated, and that the assassin has escaped. They also hear that this councilman is reputed to have had ties to the city’s underworld. They decide to continue on to the sage’s home.

When Dywellion emerges from his study, it turns out that he agrees that the symbols the murderer is using are part of the same formulae described in the book. He is startled and agrees to let the PCs do what they must with the journal. One of the party picks up the journal and tosses it into the fire burning in the hearth. The entire book begins to glow in the fire as though it were made of metal. Flames belch forth from hearth as 3 imps leap out and attack the PCs. Dywellion flees back into his study. His guards follow him. As the heroes are fighting the imps, one of the creatures casts a fear spell. A couple of the PCs along with the sage and his guards flee the imps in terror. They sprint down the stairs to the first floor. As the remaining PCs continue battling the imps, they hear the floorboards groan beneath their feet. Something travels through the floor toward the room across the hall and behind them. Out of that fireplace climbs a large, vultire-like demon. The PCs manage to slay one imp, but one of the remaining two snatches the journal from the fire before they both escape by smashing through a window. The fleeing PCs regain their composure and rejoin the fight upstairs. The big demon screeches horribly stunning some of the party. They close to melee but Duncan’s magical axe is the only weapon that seems to damage the creature. Duncan hits it several times. but not before being shredded by the demon’s claws. Sebastian heals the dwarf, but Duncan takes more damage as he and Sebastian are both hit by spores expelled from its body. Duncan suffers no further effects, but where the spores pierced Sebastian’s skin, they begin to grow. Vines soon emerge from the wounds. Cinndel, judging the demon to be an overpowering foe, calls for a retreat. The PCs make for the stairs. The demon vanishes and reappears blocking their path. Duncan and Sebastian take more damage from the demons claws before they’re able to get around it and downstairs. The demon continues to teleport to places that impede their escape all the way up to the foyer near the front door. Duncan and Sebastian manage to make it out to the street where the rest of the party is waiting without taking much more damage. The creature teleports again and flying above them, leers at them momentarily before flying higher and out of sight. Dywellion and his guards emerge from the home. Seeing the horrid vines sprouting from Sebastian, he advises the cleric to quickly douse them with holy water if he has any. Sebastian does what the sage says and the vines crumble to dust.

Session 2-29
Leerstrom's Research; Buying a House

Eonus 10th (cont.)

The PCs question Reed. He says that the Fangs are thieves not killers. They ask him why the Fangs stole for the murderers. He seems surprised and says that he didn’t know anything about his customers. He offers to make them a deal. The PCs lie and say they’ll take him up on it. They leave and rest at the Nine Lives. When they wake up, they are approached by Jonalas Abernathy. He tells them that Thorndyke has sent him to be around if they need to talk to someone from the Front. He also informs they are likely to be in danger now from the Crimson Fangs.
The Heroes leave the gambling house and spend a few hours buying and selling equipment. They buy a house in the Wealthy Residential district. They spend a few hours doing that and making arrangements to hire servants to take care of their belongings. After that, they visit Leerstrom and give him the symbols they found at the Fang’s hideout. He tells them that he’s been working at using the symbols they’ve already given him to translate the blood prophet’s writings. He says he’s confirmed that the murderer was using the same symbols that were found in ancient burial mounds that were excavated 30 years ago. He tells them about the ancient tribal people and how the writings dealt with a demonic being they worshipped called Tsaag- Nalta. Leerstrom tells them to come back the next night to see if he’s finished his work on researching the new symbols.

Session 2-28
Fangs Pour in; Reed the Con

Eonus 10th (cont.)

PCs hear shouts downstairs, Cindel casts fire
trap on door to the room with balcony, then party waits in room across hall with door shut. While waiting, PCs hear shouts from a window below saying “Get in here! We’re under attack!” and more shouting out on street. They exit room and head east down hallway. They start searching the rooms using detect magic. Just then, fangs come into hallway through the door from the room with the balcony. The fang who opens the door is killed in a fiery blast. More fangs approach from downstairs. The party holds its ground in the hall between the rogues coming in from the balcony and those coming up the stairs. Gethin hides in a room nearby. Wave after wave of fangs enter the hallway and are dropped by the heroes. During a break in the action Xen grabs and puts on a magical pair of gloves the party spotted on a higher ranking fang. Each has an image of a cat. They turn out to be gloves of dexterity +2. Eventually, after the fangs stop coming up from downstairs, Duncan heads out to the balcony and drags the makeshift bridge into the room cutting off access from the ruined building’s rooftop.

He shuts the door and wedges the bridge against it. The party loot the corpses finding several magical and masterwork items. Gethin helps to carry them. Cindel leads the way downstairs. She sees nothing down a long east/west hallway except several doors and a hallway leading south. She opens the first door on her right and finds a group of fangs waiting to ambush them with a boss leading them.

He signals to someone else by shouting “now!”. As the party spread out down the east/west hall, a second group of fangs attacks from them from the southern hall attempting to divide them. Half of the heroes fight the fangs in the room while Blyx, Xen, and Riot battle the fangs advancing from the south. Duncan and Sebastian trade off between melee in the doorway and firing into the back ranks of the room. The front line of fangs is quickly cut down. Meanwhile, Blyx and Riot fight the fangs from the south hall while Xen faces off against their leader. Duncan fights his way into the room. Him and Sebastian fight the fangs boss until he’s near death. The boss surrenders. Xen and Blyx defeat the fangs in the south hall, so the boss is the only one remaining. The PC’s have him drop his weapon. After some questioning, it turns out that his name is Reed the Con, and he denies knowing anything about the murder victim. He says the body was there when they moved in and that he had his men drag it out into the overgrown yard outside the building. The PCs make him take them to the room where the body was found. They open the door and see an empty room with a blood soaked floor. A complete circle of symbols is still painted there.

Session 2-27
Thorndyke's Reply; Storming the Old Inn

Eonus 10th, Midnight

Rest, receive reply from Thorndyke (meet him on day 12, he will get info), go up to rooftop, Sebastian holds one fang, Blyx snipes other, Duncan runs and performs coup de gra on held fang alerting fangs in hideout. Battle heads into hideout. All fangs dropped except boss, boss flees and returns with reinforcements, reinforcements attack from hall door and are dropped. Leader flees again. Bodies looted

Session 2-26
Jelly; Beggar

Eonus 9th

The PCs arise and head back through the sewers to the basement of the ruined storage building. There they find the ochre jelly feasting on the bodies the ghouls had been eating. They surprise it and draw it out into the sewer. As the heroes hit the ooze, it keeps splitting into smaller versions. The creature hits them once before being quickly reduced to nothing. The PCs continue through the basement until they find the room with stairs leading up. Ascending them, they find themselves in a large room of a half ruined building that appears to have been used for storage years ago. The roof, two stories up, collapsed long ago leaving a pile of debris taking up most of the floor. They discover a homeless man hiding in the debris. Upon coaxing him out they learn his name is Gethin and that he often comes here to sleep. They question him and he is able to tell them about the layout of the hideout next door and a few things about the Fangs now staying there. He says he saw a cloaked figure with a white, blank mask leave the building about the same night of the murder there. He also says that the building was used as a drug den by a few people before either gang inhabited it. Finally, he overheard a couple of fangs complaining about having to move a body. The PC’s offer him four gold to deliver a coded message to Thorndyke at the Nine Lives Gaming House. He agrees and leaves. They write the message, telling Thorndyke about the library robbery that’s set to take place in the Civic district on the night of the 11th. They then set watches and rest.

Session 2-25
Ghouls; Jelly

Eonus 8 (cont.)

The heroes make their way through the sewers until they near the area where the undiscovered victim was supposed to be. They pass under grates in the sewer leading up into a building. They overhear a couple of Crimson Fangs discussing an upcoming burglary. On the night of Eonus 11, the Fangs are supposed to break into the library of Gweir Dywellion to steal something for whoever is responsible for the murders. The PCs move on to a crumbling opening in the wall of the sewer tunnel. It leads up into a large basement. They find ghouls and a ghast there feeding on the bodies of fallen United Front members. Once they’ve defeated them, they explore the other rooms in the basement. They find a stairway leading up. The last room they check contains another body that’s being digested by an ochre jelly. It attacks them as they enter. They flee the building and head back to the sewers to travel back to the Nine Lives Gaming House to rest.

Session 2-24
Nine Lives Gaming House

Eonus 8 (cont.)

4:00 PM

The party head to the slums and search for a tavern or bar. They are told of the Nine Lives Gaming House. Arriving there, they spend the evening gambling and gathering information. They meet Miriel, the head of the dancing girls. Blyx wins her way into the high stakes card tables and gains the attention of a high ranking member of the United Front, Thorndyke. Between him and Miriel, the party learn a good bit about the layout of the criminal factions in the slums. Thorndyke tells them that a murder victim was found by some front members in territory now controlled by the Crimson Fangs. He also says that he believes the fangs know about the killings and may even have something to do with them. He marks the residence on their map. He tells them that travel by the sewers may avoid notice by the fangs, but he only gives it as an option since the sewers are known to be dangerous as well. They head out on the streets keeping to the shadows with Blyx stealthily scouting ahead. After a few minutes, she spots a probable ambush up ahead. The party turn back and search for an entrance to the sewers. They find one, head down, and continue underground. They come across an intersection with a pit and piles of garbage. Tentacles rise from one of the piles as an otyugh attacks. The party hit it a couple of times with ranged weapons and magic missiles as it approaches Duncan. He gets a shot in before the creature attacks. Its tentacles miss him. Sebastian approaches, and dodges its tentacles, but also misses with his morningstar. Riot moves to flank the creature and damages it with a bite.

Xen hits it with a bolt from his crossbow. Duncan brings his axe through the creature one last time to drop it.

Session 2-23
The Murders in Sylvandale

Month 9, Day 5-7
The party buy and sell equipment. Blyx buys a riding dog. Sebastian and Duncan get spikes added to their armor and shields. Xen works on adding spells to his spellbook.

Day 8
The party leave for Sylvandale to retrieve their wagon. They spend the day traveling and make camp near the road.

Day 9
The party arrive at Sylvandale near midday. The guards at the gate inform them that a curfew is in effect there due to the recent murders. The party decide to question Thamas Leerstrom about the killings. He tells them about the Blood Prophet. They find out from him that the last murder took place in the Marketplace. They travel there to investigate. Asking around, they learn that the murder took place above a cooper’s shop. They go there and find the door to the apartment locked. They ask one of the neighbors, a foreigner, about who might have the key. He tells them who the landlord is and that he lives in the wealthy residential district. They return to the apartment door and decide to pick the lock. Blyx does so successfully. They enter the apartment and find the room where the murder occurred. The floor has been washed but is still stained with blood. The rug nearby was scrubbed, but the stains of two symbols remain there. Cinndell casts detect magic and finds lingering auras of summoning and necromancy. They copy down the symbols and head back to Leerstrom. He compares them to those in his copy of the blood prophet’s writings. He finds that they match some of them, but he says he needs to see more to be able to tell more about what they’re trying to do. The PCs question him further. He says the city watch may talk to them, the thieves’ guild may know things the watch doesn’t, and that he knows of another murder in the guildhouse district. and then decide to talk to the city watch. They return to the marketplace and question some of the city watch there. They are slow to talk, but after Sebastian reasons with them a bit, they tell the party that they know the murders were committed by more than one person. Someone was captured after killing 3 guards, but that person committed suicide in his cell, and the murders continued. They say that Constable Giliam Sone may know more and that the thieves guild may also have information.

Session 2-22
Nightfang; Victory in Khundrukar

Month 9, Day 1 ( cont)

The party exit the chamber of the succubus. They head south down the secret passageway nearby. Halfway down, they reach a side corridor leading east and they follow that. It leads into the rooms that were occupied by the female Duergar leader. They find them empty. It appears as though the leader and her guard fled the forge. The party head back to the junction in the secret passageway, then they turn south. It leads to the chasm with the waterfalls and the chain ladder. They remember seeing the ladder from across the chasm after exploring the forge room. They descend the ladder and lower riot down by rope. The climb is easy. They find themselves in a long natural rock chamber with a river running through it. The river is spanned by two bridges, one to the east and one to the west. They examine the eastern bridge and determine it’s not safe for Sebastian or Duncan to cross. They find the western bridge to be very sturdy, so they cross that and explore the natural caverns beyond. They find a waterfall with some tracks. Cindell is able to identify them as those of a young dragon. Finding nothing else of interest in this section of caverns, they decide to rest so Sebastian can prepare a spell to fix the east bridge. They turn back and head back up the ladder to the forge level and rest in the room that the duergar leader had occupied. They awaken and head back to the lower level. Sebastian casts his spell and the bridge is made whole again. Blyx crosses onto a narrow ledge bordering an underground lake. The chamber sounds large. She creeps along the ledge to get a better view of anything ahead. The ledge appears to continue wrapping around the southern edge of this large chamber as far as she can see. The water also continues into the darkness. The party follow her across the bridge. Suddenly, out of the water bursts the head of a black dragon. It shoots a line of acid into the party, then disappears back under the water. The party ready their attacks for when the dragon reemerges. The dragon surfaces near the ledge, is hit by a bolt, then charges to attack with its bite and claws. It takes some melee damage before diving back into the lake. It repeats this routine. Xen damages the dragon with magic missiles before being dropped. Blyx falls too, but is soon healed. Cindell summons a viper and sends it into the lake after the dragon. The party soon notice half of the dead snake has floated to the surface of the lake. After a long battle, the dragon appears to be growing desperate. It calls out from the safety of the lake and demands to know why the PC ’ shave invaded her lair. They respond by saying they have come to explore the dungeon for treasure. The dragon demands they leave immediately. They refuse. The battle continues for another few moments until the dragon is hit another couple of times. It dives back under the lake and doesn’t reappear. The party revive Xen and continue along the southern ledge of the black lake. They soon come to a small island glittering with stacked coins. They loot the island and find a good amount of coin and other treasures including a +2 Dwarven Waraxe engraved with Durgeddin’s personal mark. The party leave Khundrukar and head for Blasingdell.

Month 9, Day 3
The party arrive in Blasingdell. Word gets around that they defeated the orcs and discovered the legendary lost stronghold. The townsfolk take interest in them

Session 2-21
Back to Khundrakar; the succubus

Month 8, Day 28 (cont.)

The PC’s return to the temple to have their wisdom restored. Then, they head to the Knight and Wolf Inn. They decide to stay there for the night. Xen remains in their room upstairs attempting to learn spells while the rest of the party try to find information about the recent murders at the bar. They learn that the killings were all involved a stab to the heart, that each of the victims had 3 slashes to the face, and that they all had strange symbols painted around the body in their blood. They learn that the 3-4 victims were either from out of town or poor, and that the latest killing occurred in the Guild district. They hear that the manner of killings seem familiar to some of the older residents of Sylvandale because there were similar killings years ago. They ask about who may know more. They are told to ask the city watch. A couple of nobles tell them that they know a wealthy man by the name of Leerstrom was knowledgable about the murders years ago and that he had a collection of occult lore. The party head up to their room and sleep.

Month 8, Day 29

The party arise and depart for Khundrukar. They overtake some druids traveling east on the highway. They travel with them for some time talking. The druids tell them that they are returning from a meeting that was called to discuss the recent astronomical event. They are told that though the Druidic elders debated the exact meaning of the signs, they all agreed that it bodes ill. The PC’s continue down the highway and make camp near where the road splits north to Blasingdell.

Month 8, Day 30

The party decide to skip visiting Blasingdell. They arrive and instead head north into the foothills straight to Khundrukar. They make good time and make camp halfway into the valley.

Month 9, Day 1
The PC’s set off again to the north. Cindell begins to lose her way, but is able to discern true north thanks to a spell. They arrive at Khundrukar at 8:30. They see no signs of movement outside, so they head up the trail leading to the mountain door. They find bear tracks leading down the trail, and figure that the bear they had found and released inside must have found its way out safely. They enter the dungeon and descend to the level where they left off exploration. They see that no one is stationed outside the room where they encountered the female duergar leader. They head north into the hall with the room where Xen was killed. With the aid of a detect magic spell cast by Cindell, they check each room. They find a small amount of loot. One of the doors leads into a ruined and looted armory. Cindell finds an aura of transmutation emanating from an arming dummy inside. They figure the dummy to be another object which will animate and attack. They skip the room and head east to where the hallway terminates in a large room with another basin of dark water. There are looted dwarf and orc corpses here who must have died in the battle from a hundred years past. Sebastian casts another detect magic and they check the rooms to the east, finding nothing valuable. They get to the last door in the south wall. Sebastian detects multiple auras and Cindell notices a secret door hidden a few feet west of the door in the southern wall. The party open this door and see that it leads into a narrow corridor heading south toward where the chasm with the chain ladder must be. It also has a corridor that branches off to the west about halfway down. The party turn back to the first door in the south wall. Duncan opens the door. They see a beautiful woman dressed in worn clothes sitting at a desk in a small library. As they enter the room, she pleads with them to release her for her bonds. The party is suspicious of her since an aura of divination is coming from her. They question why she’s there and what she needs to be released from. She says she’s been trapped there by an evil wizard and that he’s on the level below. They ask her about what’s going on in the dungeon. She doesn’t know much, but tells them that a dragon resides below. The PC’s still don’t trust her and ask if she minds a truth spell being cast on her. As she gives her permission, Sebastian begins walking toward her. When Duncan asks what he’s doing, he doesn’t respond. The party attack. Her form changes into that of a seductive and evil looking naked woman with claws, horns, a tail, and wings. With an evil laugh she says that not everyone is what they seem. She claws at Riot as he closes to attack but misses. He snaps at her and she dodges it. Duncan calls out to her asking to just let them go and they will leave her alone. She says she will if they release her. Duncan says he releases her. She asks Cindell if she’s sure she doesn’t want one kiss before she leaves. Cindell refuses emphatically. The succubus teleports away with a laugh. The party check the room for loot and find several spell scrolls amongst the writings.


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