Mark 1

Session 2-10
The Great Ulfe

Month 8, Day 20 (cont.)

The party finally figure out a way to get Riot Across the rope bridge. Once across, they pass through the double doors and begin exploring the natural caverns beyond. Before they go far, they see a small section of cavern divided off by wooden bars. Two humans rush to the bars and begin calling out for help. Seeing a locked gate in the center of the bars, Blyx picks the lock. Upon questioning, the prisoners reveal that they are merchants from a city in East Faladon traveling west to do business. They had been attacked by the orcs and taken as hostages in hopes of being sold for ransom. They don’t know much about the orcs or the fortress since they’ve seen little else besides the cell they’ve been locked in. They do tell the PC’s about the secret door near the rope bridge leading through halls and tunnels that went north, then east, then back south to this room. They thank the party with great enthusiasm and assure them that they are capable of traveling back to Blasingdell alone. The party then continue their exploration. They come upon a room with a fire, a chimney, and crude cooking utensils. Moving on, they explore a narrow tunnel and find a secret door at the end. Peeking through, they see it leads to a short hallway that continues east then turns
south. They decide to return to this area. Moving northward, they come upon a room with a well filled with murky water and stacked with crates and barrels. They search this and stumble upon a lockbox containing some gold and a flask of holy water. They head northwest from there following the cave finding only small fissures leading nowhere.
Turning north, they come to a hallway running east to west. To the east, it ends in a closed door. To the west, they can see an opening going south, then the hall turns to the north. They choose to head west. They see that the opening to the south is a short set of stairs leading up to a big, sturdy, ironbound wooden door. Duncan tries it, but it’s too heavy to move easily. Using his strength, he is able to shove it open. An Ogre calling himself “The Great Ulfe” and two large wolves are waiting within. He sets the wolves upon the PC’s and follows behind them. They meet the party at the doorway. There, as Duncan fells the wolves, Blyx and Riot are both injured and tripped. Cindell drags each of them out of the long reach of The Great Ulfe’s Greataxe. Xan targets the ogre with a cause fear spell. The frightened Ulfe retreats to the back corner of the room. Having recieved healing, Duncan and Riot charge Ulfe.

As he tries to flee from them, he is caught by Duncan’s axe, then finished off by Riot’s teeth. (Xen: 3rd level)
The party then searches the room and find a two treasure chests containing a large amount of gold, a potion of spiderclimb, and a +1 rapier. Blyx takes the magic weapon, and the party decide to shut the door and rest here.

Session 2-9

Month 8, day 20 (cont.)

The party makes its way up the trail leading up to Stone Tooth. As they near the side of the mountain, they encounter two distracted orcs on guard duty. They quickly drop them before they can call for help. As they head up the last bend in the trail, they come under fire from archers hidden behind arrow slits in the side of the mountain.

Cindel injures one on the way up. As they reach a large, open double door, an orc appears and tries to shut it in their face. He’s hit with an arrow, then riot charges in to finish him off. The wolf is immediately fired upon by something further inside the fortress. As the rest of the party catches up, they see a large hall ahead with a narrow ledge on their side and another on the opposite side. Between those lies a deep chasm. A rope bridge spans the 30 feet between the two ledges. Two orcs on the other side are using rock formations there as cover and firing arrows at the party. The pc’s engage them in ranged combat and defeat them. After some thinking and a failed attempt to calm riot enough to allow him to be carried in his harness on Duncan’s back, the party can find no other option than to leave the wolf on the entrance side. Using a rope as precaution, they are able to cross the rope bridge to the opposite ledge.

Session 2-8

Month 8, Day 17 (Cont.) The party spend the night at the Red Lion Inn in Sylvandale.

Day 18 The party awaken and travel on horseback toward Blasingdell making camp at the crossroads where the road to Blasingdell splits from the highway.

Day 19 The party break camp and head north up the steep road to Blasingdell. Arriving in town, they first check out Tolm’s Superior Outfitting and Dried Goods. Then they head to the tavern and gather some information. They hear the townsfolk talking of Lord Barrick’s drinking problems. They decide to try to talk to him themselves. As they are shown to his office in the keep, the seneschal fills them in on his story and warm them to take care when talking to him. The adventurers meet Lord Barrick and ask him about the orcs and their whereabouts. Barrick is pleasant enough and tells them what little he knows about them and warns them of the danger in traveling the vales to the north. The pc’s then purchase supplies for the journey and set off north with Cindell in the lead. They ride a day with no incidents and make camp near a ridge toward the north end of the valley.

Day 20 The Pc’s get slightly lost, but sighting the barrier of the mountains to the north, they are able to regain their bearings and they head east keeping the mountains within sight. After several failed attempts, Cindell befriends a hawk and magically converses with him. He agrees to fly a bit east and tell her what he sees. Upon returning, he tells her that the sharp mountain is indeed just a couple of miles east and that there is smoke coming out of it. The party ride another hour and soon can see the stone tooth on the horizon. They stay stealthy as they approach.

Session 2-7

Month 8, Day 11-17

The party reunite in Oakhurst, then travel up through Denby and Seth looking for adventure with little luck. They then head east through the forest, journeying with a couple of rangers they meet on the road. The rangers speak with Cinndel about the Old Order and possible explanations for the standing stones in the Webwood. The party arrive in Sylvandale and stay at the Red Lion. They ask about for rumors of work to be done. They hear of a recent crime wave. They meet a halfling in Marla’s tavern whose jewel-hilted sword had been lost in a fight with some gnolls east of the city. He offers a 75gp reward for it’s return. The party accepts and tracks the gnolls down to a ruined tower north of the main road. The gnolls quickly fall, but one of them lands a massive blow on Blyx, instantly killing her. The party retrieve the sword, collect the reward, and take Blyx’s body to Bridgeport. There, the high priest at the cathedral of Pelor raises her. The party returns to Sylvandale and arrives on day 17.

Session 2-6

Month 8, Day 10 (continued)

The door opens to a stairway, then a corridor that opens up on an underground water reservoir. That room has 3 other hallways leading out from it, but the only one that’s not caved in is the one opposite the hall they took to get there. That hallway leads to another stairway up with a trap door. Forcing their way through, the party find themselves in the ruined remains of another tower. This tower, however, is little more than a crumbling wall. But it completely conceals them from the spiders that were waiting outside the first tower, so they are able to get away. They spend 2 more hours searching the light forest, and find enough betony to return to Oakhurst. There, they find royal soldiers and clerics of Pelor standing guard over the healer’s. They hand over the betony and learned that those who were sick within should be well within 2-3 days. They rest at the Ol’ Boar Inn

Month 8, Day 11

Duncan and Sebastian ride to Bridgeport and spend the evening shopping.

Session 2-5

Month 8, Day 9 (continued)

The party decide to search the room they’re in. Sebastian falls into a pit trap to the first floor and comes back upstairs. They are about to rest, when they hear something upstairs. Blyx tries to peek up to investigate, but she is spotted by an Ettercap with a pet Medium Monstrous Spider. She flees downstairs and the creatures pursue her. Once the spider is killed, the Ettercap retreats back up to the third floor. The party follow and begin closing in on him, but they set off traps and another spider appears from the stairs to the roof. They split up and quickly drop each foe. They burn the layers of web and the eggs within. They decide to go back to the second floor and try to rest again. Throughout the night, those on watch can see movement in the forest through the windows. This time they are successful and get a full night’s sleep.

Month 8, Day 10

Most poison damage is healed. They try to go back outside, but see more gigantic spiders waiting out there. As they turn to go back in, they see a massive spider on the side of the tower above the doorway. They are able to run back in before it catches them. They realize they’re trapped, so they decide to check the first floor. They find a locked trapdoor in the center of the floor. They go back upstairs and search the roof. There they find the weathered remains of another soldier which turn up a key when they search. They take it back down and open the door.

Session 2-4

PC’s (except Kerrick) reach level 3
The party rests in the tunnel burrowed by the Ankheg.
Month 8, Day 9

The party journeys the rest of the way to Webwood without any incidents. They walk in half an hour until they find the kind of forest that’s thick enough to give a chance at finding betony. They search there, but find nothing. They decide to head further into the forest. There, they begin to find the herb, but are also attacked by Small Monstrous Spiders. They defeat the spiders easily, but Kerrick is weakened by their poisonous bites. The party decides to keep searching in the dense part of the forest. Though it’s more dangerous, they are finding what they need quicker. They notice a second layer of web here and there below the leaf canopy above. They witness a giant bird of prey swooping down to pluck up a monstrous spider from the layer of web in the trees above them. They spend another hour of searching the dense forest and are rewarded by finding a good bit more than before. They decide on another hour of searching the dense forest. They stumble upon a ring of ancient looking standing stones with arcane marks carved on them. A detect magic spell reveals moderate auras of magic coming from them. They decide it’s safer to let them be and continue their search which brings them up to 8 betony. They head out of the thicker part of the forest, but are then set upon by a Gargantuan Monstrous Spider. They realize they have little chance to defeat it, so they flee instead. The spider pursues them and is joined by several more. After a few minutes of plunging headlong through difficult terrain, they manage to put some distance between them and the spiders. They emerge into a clearing with a ruined castle tower. The crumbling round tower is at the corner of two 10 foot walls that continue about 30 feet, then fade downward to piles of rubble. There is a large door on the ground floor, and two on the second floor where the top of the walls meet the tower. There is still one Gargantuan Monstrous Spider pursuing them. They have a few rounds before it will catch up. They try the door on the ground floor. It’s stuck shut. The dwarf unsuccessfully tries to hack through it with his axe. They decide to try one of the doors above. To do so they must ascend the crumbling slope of the wall. They have a lot of trouble doing this, but are able to get most of the party up there with the help of a rope. The spider arrives as Sebastian and Kerrick are still working at getting up.


The cleric takes massive damage from the creature and drops dying to the ground. The ranger fastens the rope around him and immediately takes enough damage to disable him. The dwarf hauls Sebastian up and tosses the rope back down to Kerrick. He catches it and using it to support him, he finally makes it up. The party heals the cleric and the ranger as the spider struggles to walk onto the wall. They head into the tower and wedge the door shut. After waiting a few moments, the spider doesn’t seem to be following them.


Session 2-3

Month 8, Day 7

The party awakens, does a bit more shopping, and learns the precise location of Stone Tooth from the sage they had hired at the Arcane Academy. He also tells them more about the history of Khundrukar, and they question him a bit about the areas they see on the map of Faladon. They decide to try to find a small amount of work to gain a bit more gold. They return to the Inn and spend a couple of hours gathering information on any work that they could do. They learn of a possible plague outbreak back in Oakhurst. They decide to spend the night and leave for Oakhurst in the morning, but to spend the remainder of the day looking for members of the thieves guild. They head to the slums in western Bridgeport to find information on how Blyx can join the Night Blades. They find a man in The Fat Maiden named Effrin who seems to have ways to get them in touch. Upon learning that they’ll be departing the next day, he suggests they come back to the tavern to find him if they return to Bridgeport. The party returns to the inn and rests for the night.

Month 8, Day 8

They arise early the next morning and travel back to Oakhurst. Along the way, they run into a farmer who is coming from Oakhurst. The PC’s ask about the situation there. The farmer informs them that a stranger came into town infected with the Weeping Plague, but it wasn’t known what malady he was suffering from until he had possibly infected some of the townsfolk. He is currently quarantined at the healers and stabilized for now, though the healer is running low on the herb needed to help him fight it off. Also, it’s expected that she or her acolytes will be infected from being in contact with the stranger. Cindel recalls that the herb needed to treat this is a fairly common flower called Betony. The party continues to Oakhurst where they reunite with the Cleric, Sebastian at the Ol’ Boar Inn. He tells them he saw the plague bearing stranger as he stumbled into the inn. He says the stranger appeared to be a wizard and that people have been sent out to procure more Betony for the healer. They decide to head to the Healer to find out more about what can be done. Downstairs, they see the ranger Kerrick who has returned with a little more Bettony he had gathered himself. He is seated at a table with the constable Felosial, and some of the town’s leaders discussing what to do. They overhear them saying that the messenger sent to Denby has returned with less of the herb than was hoped for, and that they didn’t expect more messengers to get back until the next day. They now have enough to keep the wizard alive for a day or two, but the healer and her acolytes are still in danger. Kerrick Joins the PC’s as they head to the Healer. Dem yells through the door to keep from possibly infecting them. She says the only other place she knows of where Betony grows in abundance is in Webwood, a forest ten miles to the west that’s got a reputation for large, deadly spiders. The PC’s set off toward there immediately. After four hours of travel, they encounter an Ankheg who surprises them by grabbing Sebastian.Duncan charges it and strikes a mighty blow, bloodying it. The creature then retreats underground into it’s tunnel dragging Sebastian along with it. The party descends and the disabled cleric manages to break free. But the party is hit by the beast’s acid stream. In the close confines of the tunnel, the battle drags on until Duncan manages another significant hit that fells the creature.

Session 2-2

Month 8, Day 6

Another day of shopping. The party buys better armor for Duncan and Sebastian. Cindel learns that the potion she left with the alchemist isn’t very useful. The wizard at the Arcane Academy informed her of the vampiric properties of the wood sample left to be identified.

Session 2-1

Month 8, day 5

With the rest of the party remaining in Oakhurst, Cindel, Blyx, and Duncan travel on horseback to the city of Bridgeport. There, they spend the day selling loot obtained from the Sunless Citadel. They leave a sample of wood from the Gulthias tree and an unidentified potion in a crystal vial with the alchemist Jamund Ater (owner of The Sphinx’s Apothecary ) to be identified. They also bring a sample of the wood to the Arcane Academy.


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