Mark 1

Session 3-3

Ebardos 20th – Nagothis 1st

The party does some shopping. Xen takes several days to learn spells.

The PCs plan and host a costumed Maolm├│rdha feast in the dining hall at the Knight and Wolf inn. They invite their servants, Leerstrom, Ernst and Jonalas Abernathy, and several guests from the dinner party they had been invited to. They notice the gnome Glimbklink Fastspanner appears to be more than a little anxious about something. He doesn’t seem willing to talk about it though.

Session 3-2
Expert Advice

Ebardos 18th (cont)

The party engages in battle with Batrun and the statue he animated. Batrun animates a second statue. The party turns and retreats. They rest just outside the entrance to the tomb to recuperate their spells.

Near Sundown

Blyx stealthily enters the tomb, makes her way to the room where they had just fought, and peers around the
corner to see what’s happening. She sees that Batrun is again resting on the stone bier. The statues are no longer animated, but they are flanking the entrance to the room. Blyx returns to the party outside the tomb. They travel back to Sylvandale.

The party head for their house in the wealthy neighborhood and rest for the night.

Ebardos 19th

They wake up the next day and visit Leerstrom. They tell him about the riddles from the tomb and ask if he knows the answers. He thinks he has the answers to two of the three, but he’s not sure. He can’t figure out the third. The party ask him who might be able to help them solve the riddles. He suggests they try the sage Gweir Dywellion. When they arrive at the home of the sage, they find him slightly afraid to see them and irritable. Sebastian explains the party’s point of view to him and he relaxes. He agrees to research the riddles for a small fee. He tells the PCs to return at sundown.
While waiting for the research, the party go to the Nine Lives Gaming House to speak to Thorndyke. They talk to him a bit about what it means to be a member of the guild and Blyx spends some time gambling. She wins a good amount of gold.
The party return to the Sage’s home. He has found the answers to the riddles.

Session 3-1
Dinner Party; Servant of Namara

Ebardos 14th (cont.)
The party rest for 8 hours in the bandit cave. Since there are only a couple hours left of daylight, they decide to spend the night there and return to Sylvandale the following morning. Xen tells of his first party’s misadventure in Varadinum and what he knows and saw of the ruined city. He warns them that walking directly into the city would be suicide.

Ebardos 15th
The party depart the cave to return to Sylvandale. 15 minutes into their journey, they hear voices ahead on the opposite side of the creek. They hide and wait to see who the men are. They see that they are Red Fangs. They mention a boat and picking up a shipment. The party wait until they pass, then stealthy put some distance between them and the bandit cave where the Fangs must be headed.

The party reach Sylvandale in the afternoon. They head to the Nine Lives Gaming Hall to talk to Thorndyke. He thanks them for taking out the ogre and says he will now waive the fees for joining the Front. He explains more about the current situation the Front is in fighting the Fangs and some of the benefits their guild offers. The party are interested in the black market dealers. Thorndyke tells them of Clough’s Gold and Silver and tells them to mention his name. The party head there directly.
They spend some time buying and selling there. They purchase a light crossbow + 1 and bracers of armor + 2 for Xen.
Returning home, Gethin tells them of a storm that damaged the roof. Cinndell gives him gold to get that taken care of. He also tells them they received an invitation to a dinner party here in the wealthy residential district in two days. Some of their neighbors are curious to meet them. The PCs rest and sleep.

Ebardos 16th
The PCs ask around the city to find where they can hire the best guards around. They hire four experienced fighting men and bring them to their home. Cinndell gives them instructions on how to guard the property.

Ebardos 17th
The PCs head to the Swavely residence for the dinner party. There, they meet some of their neighbors.

Ebardos 18th
The PCs travel to Namara’s Tomb. They open the last of the doors leading off the pyramid room. The room ahead has three doors in the east, west, and south walls.
In the center of the room is a platform with a stone bier on it. An armored, skeletal figure is lying on it clutching a sword and shield. They cast detect magic. They discover a faint magic aura radiating off of the skeleton, and two medium auras coming from each room. They explore each room finding two statues of warriors and a riddle on the wall of each. They aren’t able to figure out the answers. They begin heading back out toward the pyramid room, saying that they give up. When they say this, the skeletal figure rises. He says they’ve failed the test of wits and that now he will test their might. Duncan swings at him but his axe is deflected by the skeleton’s shield. Blyx shoots her crossbow at him but the bolt also lodges in his shield. Cinndell manages to strike him with her rapier, but the weapon only does partial damage to him. Duncan catches a glimpse of movement in one of the small riddle chambers. A statue has come to life, and is coming to join the battle.

Session 2-37
Blarok's Merry Crew; The Scepter of Ninurta

Ebardos 12th (cont.)

After dropping Blyx’s corpse off at the Temple of Eternal Light, the party spends the evening trading in loot and buying supplies before they retire to their house for the night.

Ebardos 13th

As they are finishing their breakfast, there is a knock at the door. It’s a messenger from the front. They recognize him as one of the men who fought alongside them against the Cult of Tsaag-Nalta. He says he’s been sent by Thorndyke and that they have a job for the heroes. He tells them that if they’re interested, they should meet Thorndyke at the Nine Lives Gaming House at about noon. The party says they’ll be there. They wait a couple of hours, then head to the temple where they find Blyx recovering from her ordeal. The party head to the Slums and to the gambling hall. There, they meet with Thorndyke, who explains that a band of highwaymen led by an ogre named Blarok has been targeting their shipments specifically. He believes the Fangs may have something to do with it. He offers Blyx free membership if they can take care of the bandit. They accept, then return home, deciding that it’s best to depart in the morning.

Ebardos 14th

The party set out on foot heading to the south. They stop a mile north of where the attacks supposedly took place. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, they continue further south. When Cinndell spots a place on the road where a struggle took place, the party examine their surroundings again. They can see a good place to ford the river a ways further south. After listening for a moment, they hear voices coming from the forest across the river. Unable to see anything through the trees, they travel back to the north for half an hour. After stopping to try to come up with a plan, they see a figure approaching from the south, walking north on the road. They pretend to be preoccupied tending to their gear. When he approaches, he looks at them, continues walking, then turns and warns them that this isn’t a safe place to be. When he learns that they have come to go after the bandits, he offers to join them. They accept. He introduces himself as Tenedor, a ranger who helps to look after the village of Anbrook. Heeding his advice, they decide to wait for a boat to come by to see if they can be ferried across the river. After a short time, a boat does approach, and they do just that. They head northward through the forest until they approach the area west of where the attacks took place. There, they find human tracks leading east and west. They follow these. The tracks soon follow a creek. After another half an hour of walking through the forest, they come into view of a cave in a steep hill. The creek is flowing out of the entrance. There is a wooden gate there, slightly open and two bandits standing guard. They can see animal tracks that appear to lead around the side and up the hill. They sneak a bit closer and open fire on the guards, taking them out before they can call for help. They stealthily approach the cave entrance. Blyx peeks in and sees six bandits inside drinking and talking. Xen casts a spell into the rear of the cave, creating the illusion of dancing lights. The bandits are startled, believing they are will o’ wisps. They turn theit backs on the entrance and begin to open fire on the lights. The heroes open fire on them through the partially open gates. They drop a couple of them, Xen shoots one of the leaders through the eye with a crossbow bolt. Now they can see that on the opposite side of the cave, there are six more bandits. The bandits seek cover and begin to return fire, though the party has good cover themselves from the gates. Two more bandits join the battle through another gate in the back. Xen casts a fireball into the cave, filling the entire chamber with a roaring inferno. The blast kills all the bandits, save two and incinerates all the wooden bridges and gates. Then, an ogre wielding a massive greatclub comes charging into the chamber from the rear opening. One of the surviving bandits follows him, taking a shot at the party. The other bandit tries to leap a small chasm to the other half of the cave, fails, and falls into the creek. Xen casts glitterdust and aims it between the ogre and the first bandit. Both are covered in glittering dust. The ogre bellows in rage, blinded by the dust. The bandit looks briefly in wonder at his now sparkly leader before being shot down by Xen (who is having an exceptional day with his crossbow). Sebastian steps forward and casts doom on the ogre. The second bandit trudges through the stream toward the party, shooting his crossbow. The ogre charges blindly forward, but stumbles a bit coming down an incline. He takes a wild swing at Blyx and misses.

The party begin dropping back out of the cave while laying down ranged fire, attempting to draw the ogre and the bandit outside of the cave. The ogre misses the party several times with his greatclub, but manages to catch riot with a massive blow. He exits the cave pursuing the party. The party has trouble getting enough separation between him and them. Tenedor risks a shot with his bow as he’s dropping back and takes a resounding hit from the brute. The bandit, meanwhile, heads north to where Sebastian and Riot are attempting to help his leader by flanking the party. He skewers Riot with his longsword. The wolf drops to the ground, dying. Cinndell manages to begin casting a spell to call lightning down on the ogre. Duncan lands a solid blow with his axe. Several of the party hit the ogre with ranged weapons. Cinndell completes her spell and calls a bolt down on the ogre. It partially strikes him. Blyx hits it with another bolt. The giant swings and misses, then is struck solidly again by Duncan’s axe. The ogre comes crashing down to the forest floor.

The party loot the cave. Amongst the stash of stolen goods the bandits had in the rear chamber, they find several art treasures, gems, gold, and a magical scepter. Xen casts identify on the scepter. He learns that it was once known as the Scepter of Ninurta. It allows a spell caster to enhance several spells each day. He also learns that Ninurta was once king of Varadinum. Himself descended from the Luxian wizards who retreated there, he had a vault constructed to hide the secret arcane knowledge of his ancestors from the holy warriors of Sembria who were quickly spreading into Avralor. The scepter was said to be the only way to reveal the secret vault hidden somewhere below Varadinum.

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Session 2-36
Gargoyles; Blyx Falls

Ebardos 12th (cont.)

The party examines the pyramid. They see a small pyramid-shaped indentation on each of the three sides. They also see writing on it. In old common, it reads:

“gather ye thy friends are key
If as one you turn the three
The path ahead ye then shall see”

They try to detect magic and find that there are auras of evocation and transmutation in the area of the pyramid.
They decide to head through the door to the west. It opens into a short passageway that leads to another door. Opening that door, they see a room with the floor mostly collapsed into a natural cavern below. In the far wall is an alcove containing a small, pyramid shaped object. Cinndell uses her Druidic magic to shape the stone at their feet into a bridge. Blyx ties a rope around herself to be safe, then crosses the bridge and obtains the object. Next, they head back through the pyramid room down another short corridor to the east. They open the door at the end of it and see another room like the one to the west. There’s another pyramid-shaped object on the far wall. Sebastian examines the floor, and notices that something looks odd about it. They grab a stone and toss it ahead. It skips forward then falls through. Sebastian can see that the floor is an illusion. He describes this to the rest of the party. Blyx, still on the rope held by Duncan, runs forward toward the alcove and jumps the five foot gap in the center of the floor. She makes it over, but she triggers a pressure plate on the way. The blocks in the ceiling of the corridor come crashing down, pinning Duncan and Xen to the floor and closing the room off to Cinndell and Sebastian who safely jump back to avoid the trap. Riot and Blyx are now in the room alone. She’s still attached to the rope that’s tied around her Duncan. At the same moment the blocks come down, two gargoyles emerge from the cobwebs above and dive toward Blyx. She grabs the pyramid and starts fighting the creatures. Meanwhile, Duncan manages to struggle out from under the crushing blocks and into the room with Blyx and Riot. One of the gargoyles flies across to meet him.

The other gargoyle lands several blows on Blyx and drops her. She falls to the ground, dying. The gargoyle joins the fight against the dwarf and the wolf, just as Duncan kills the other creature. Riot can’t seem to damage the stone creature, so Duncan goes one on one with it. The monster rips into him with a flurry of claws and bites, but Duncan lands a couple of hard axe swings on it in the process. Duncan knows he is a hit or two away from death. He attacks once more, carefully, and catches the gargoyle with his axe. To his relief, the creature is mortally wounded and drops to the floor of the pit below. Duncan attempts to pull the dying rogue back to his side of the room using the rope, but the knot comes undone and she falls forty feet to her death. He ties the other end of the rope around the narrow section of floor in the center of the room, and climbs down it to retrieve Blyx’s body. Reaching the floor of the pit below, he sees that it’s a small, worked room with shallow water flowing across the floor toward the south west wall. This wall is badly eroded, and it sounds as though the water is falling into more natural caves beyond. He makes his way back up to the room above. The party wait, trying to figure out how to raise the fallen blocks trapping the dwarf and wolf. After an hour, the trap resets itself, and the corridor is open again. They head back out of the tomb and return to Sylvandale. They make arrangements at the Temple of Eternal Light to have Blyx raised from the dead.

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Session 2-35
Downtime; Namara's Tomb

Eonus 11th

The party returns the Blood Prophet’s remains to the Temple of Eternal Light. There they encounter (priest) who takes credit for saving the city.

They visit Leerstrom, who is happy to learn that he helped to foil the cult’s plans. They learn from him that Ernst Abernathy may have work for them.

Eonus 12th

The party spends time shopping. They visit the Nine Lives Gaming House to check in with the United Front. They learn that the Front has lost much territory to the Fangs since the assassination of Lord Bertelemy. The PCs express a wish to help, but the Front says there’s nothing they know of that they can do. The PCs return to Leerstrom and question him about the thieves. He doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion either way.


Eonus 24th
The second harvest begins. Cinndell wishes to walk the forest to give libations to the trees. While doing so, she encounters Cranog Camm, a druid in the Circle of Lanthemar. He talks to her a bit asking where she’s from and what she does. He explains that his circle tends to the forest north of Sylvandale and east of the rivers. He invites her back to see his superior. Cinndell meets Cati John, the leader of the circle. Cinndell asks her what she knows of Namara. Cati explains that she was a powerful elven warrior who was known as a hunter of beasts. She was said to have wielded a weapon that was once traditional among her people, a set of three circular blades that could be thrown. She explains that during a horrible war long ago, an avatar of the God Ithyx terrorized the land. It was a great, black mass of tentacles. Namara defeated it in an epic battle but was also killed. Since the location of her remains were never found, a wizard she had recently fallen in love with buried all that was found of her which was one of her blades. He constructed a tomb, laid magical wards on it, and buried the weapon in her place.
Cinndell thanks her for the information and goes to leave. Cati invites Cinndell to the next moot in a month.
Cinndell returns home.


Xen studies and adds seven spells to his spellbook.

Ebardos 12th

The party decide to check out the place where the shield was found. They journey a few hours southeast of the city into lands inhabited by cattle herders. There, they track down the herder who discovered the door. He leads them to it. Bidding the herdsman farewell, the PCs approach the double stone doors. One is slightly ajar. They cast a spell to detect any magic ahead. They can tell that there are auras of medium strength about 40 feet ahead, but they are close together and confusing. Duncan forces the door completely open. He listens ahead. He can hear something stirring in the small entry room at the end of a short flight of stairs ahead. Soon, he can make out what looks like two giant centipedes hiding in the debris covering the floor. He charges in and slices through it with his axe. Riot follows him and kills the second creature with his bite. Before they enter the room ahead, Xen casts a spell to dispel some of the magic they’ve detected. He senses that there is now one less aura. Entering the room, the party are faced with three levers and a strong iron door with a pressure plate before it. Three corpses lay around the pressure plate, two appearing very long dead and skeletal, the third more recently dead but still badly decayed. Two of the bodies look badly charred. They search the bodies and find a small amount of gold and a scrap of parchment. It has what are obviously two combinations of the lever positions written on it, the first crossed off. The second is how the levers are currently positioned. Blyx, after searchimg the door and pressure plate, believes the pressure plate is no trap. She thinks that the pressure plate and levers are part of the lock mechanism on the door. The party move the levers in one combination then another, but nothing happens. Blyx suggests that the pressure plate may have something to do with it. They move the levers one more time. Blyx drags a corpse onto the pressure plate. As the plate is depressed, the door opens. The heroes can see a small room down a hallway ahead with a door on the far wall. In the middle of the room stands a 5 foot stone pyramid.

Session 2-34
The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta II

Eonus 12 (cont.)

1,368 xp each
1,500 xp Xen

Session 2-33
The Cult of Tsaag-Nalta

Eonus 12 (cont)

As the party and their allies head toward the old town, they notice a peculiar cloud of shimmering colors advancing toward the city. As they reach the center of the city, the cloud draws close enough that they can see it’s actually a swarm of locusts. It descends on Sylvandale eating everything alive in sight. Amidst the chaos, the group is attacked. They spend a few moments trying to fight off the swarms, but realize that trying to kill them is hopeless. They spot a sewer entrance, fight their way to it, then descend to the safety of the tunnels.

They make their way to the old town through the sewers. They get as close as possible to their destination, then they climb back to the surface. They see that this barren area of the city isn’t being swarmed, so they take to the streets. They make their way through the overgrown ruins and, follow Cinndell who is being guided by the spell cast on her by Coracynth. As they reach a narrow alley, Cinndell knows that their destination is near. They can see green light flickering from a nearby building. They can tell that there is no roof. The building is just a shell. They see that the alleyway leads to a gate. Blyx sneaks forward and sees that through the gate is a courtyard that lies in front of the building. There are several cultists there, apparently standing guard. Cinndell sends Jonalas to scout the area around the building and see if there’s another way to approach. He returns telling her that there is another alley leading to another courtyard on the other side of the building. Meanwhile, Sebastian casts detect magic and checks the gate. He senses that it is trapped with some kind of warding magic. Cinndell sends Jonalas, Xen, and Dauid along with a few rogues and men at arms to guard the other alley exit and prevent anyone from escaping. Her group dispels the ward on the gate. With Blyx watching the cultist guards, Cinndell casts a spel to call lightning down on the building where the cult must be performing its dark ritual. When the first bolt strikes, the cultist guards rush back to the building. After the second strike, they can hear an enraged scream. They begin to advance and encounter more groups of cultists in the courtyard. The groups try to form circles, chanting in unison but they aren’t able to concentrate because they’re being struck down too quickly by the advancing allies. The battle reaches a second courtyard directly in front of the steps to the building’s front entrance. Cultists begin entering and exiting in confusion. Some dread cultists are carried out. An obvious leader emerges clutching a cloth bag. Malia Bexley is at his side.

Upon seeing the battle raging in the courtyard, they begin casting spells. The leader’s body is briefly covered in a shimmering magical layer. After casting a second spell, he takes to the air walking up as though there were solid ground beneath his feet. The second group of allies, led by Jonalas, charges into the other side of the building. Cinndell calls another bolt of lightning down on the cult leader, but it doesn’t penetrate the shimmering layer around him. Malia casts a web spell into the center of the allies.

The battle begins to turn a bit on the allies, but soon, Duncan and Adelina free themselves from the web and advance, pursuing Malia and the cultists back into the building. Inside, they encounter the second group of allies and the battle is rejoined.

Session 2-32
The Journal of the Blood Prophet

Eonus 11th 6:30 PM

Jonalas peeks in and sees the party is under attack. The creature is right around the doorframe from him. He attempts to tumble past it to set up a flanking position, but fails, narrowly missing being bitten. He manages to slash the thing wounding it slightly. Blyx rushes forward and stabs at the demon with her shortsword. Her blade is perfectly aimed and the creature sinks to the ground motionless. Its corpse vanishes. Sebastian awakens and tells the party what he saw. Xen is able to provide some interpretation based on what he remembers about the history of the area. The party set the book on the table and cast detection spells at it trying to determine if it’s the cause of the trance and summoning. The spells show a strong magical aura, but they fail to determine what type of magic. They decide to try to rest again. This time, Jonalas and 2 of his men remain in the room. After another hour passes, Xen slips into a trance and 3 dretches appear in the room. Blyx spots it early enough so that the party gets the jump on the demons. Her, Duncan and the thieves attack the creatures before they can even react. The party realize they can’t get their needed rest with the book in their possession. They decide to head to the temple of eternal light to see if something can be done about it. On their way, they notice a greenish tinted wall of clouds approaching in the sky to the north.

The PCs arrive at the temple and are greeted by the priest Gwilym. They explain their situation. He consults Coracynth and returns to let the heroes know that the priests there will try to use what divine powers they have to dispel the evil from the book and to learn what they can of its source. He offers them a safe place to rest the night. They gladly accept. Jonalas offers to return with his men in the morning. Over the next few hours, they see a storm roll in with strange, greenish lightning. When it’s finished, they see the moon is tinted green.

Eonus 12th

Upon awakening, the PCs learn that the priests are beginning their work on the unholy book. While they’re waiting, they decide to consult Leerstrom. On their way, they see that the sky is overcast with a peculiar shade of green. Leerstrom tells them that his research has revealed that the murderers are attempting to call some kind of great prophet or shaman. There are two places where this might occur, the place where Lacroix first received his vision from Tsaag-Nalta or the place in the old town where he hid out and took his own life. Sebastian remembers from his trance that Lacroix encountered the demonic statue in the forest. Leerstrom knows that this place must be the Nacerian burial mounds in the forest north of the city. The PCs ask him if he thinks the original journal of the blood prophet would be helpful to him. He says it may, and asks to see it at the temple.
The party return to the cathedral of eternal light. They find out from the priests that they were able to dispel the evil from the book. With the PCs present, Coracynth casts a divination spell that allows them to see that Malia Bexley is with a group of people in a shabby room performing some sort of ritual on a robed and masked skeletal figure who is layed out on a table before them. When she is finished, two knights of the temple walk in. Coracynth explains that she has sent for what aid was near that could come quickly. She introduces Adelina the Vigilant and her companion Dauid. The party decide to find the death place of Lacroix. Leerstrom doesn’t know exactly where that is in old town, but Coracynth offers to cast find the path on the adventurers.

Session 2-31
Alley of Entanglement

Eonus 11th 5:30 PM

The PCs spend a moment longer questioning the sage before heading back toward Leerstrom’s. They only make it a few blocks before they spot the quasit in an alleyway. It is conversing with the same suspicious looking man that had been watching the sage’s house. He has four men with him. Sebastian casts a hold spell on the leader and Cindell casts entangle down the alley at all of them. The leader succumbs to the hold spell and two of his men are entangled. The quasit avoids the magical vegetation, then tries unsuccessfully to pry the journal out of the held leader’s hands. Duncan hits it solidly with an arrow, but it doesn’t seem to do any damage to the creature. Cindell casts a flaming sphere and directs it into the entangled men who can’t move to avoid it.

Two go up in flames while ranged attacks drop the others. Xen remembers that acid should damage a quasit normally, so he casts acid arrow at it. The projectile slams into the fiend and begins eating away at it. It flies at the party and attacks Duncan. Xen pulls out his wand of magic missile and fires at the quasit. Two missiles hit the creature and it goes down. The party have left the leader alive hoping to question him. They stand for just a moment pondering how to get the journal without having to wait for the entangle spell to end. As they do so, an arrow comes from a window facing the alley from the other end, killing the leader. Blyx spots a woman’s face disappearing from a window in that direction. Though the leader is dead, the hold spell keeps him standing, clutching the journal. The woman and five more men appear at the far end of the alley. The party recognize her as from the description they heard. It is Malia Bexley, the woman who was going to steal the journal with the help of the Crimson Fangs. With the plants grasping in the alley between them, the woman smiles evilly at the party and says that they’ll never get the book. Cindell replies saying “We’ll see about that”. Malia laughs and says “Two can play at this game”. With that she casts a web spell into the party’s end of the alley. Cindell and Duncan avoid becoming held fast by the magical web, but they are entangled in it and greatly slowed down. The web fails to anchor out in the street where the rest of the party stands, however it totally blocks their view of Malia. Xen tried to clear some of the web in front of Duncan by throwing alchemists fire. He misses and hits Duncan with it. The dwarf is burned, but not badly. The quick burst of flame has burned him free of webs though. Other members of the party clear some of the web by throwing oil on it and igniting it. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Xen realized that the held leader can be reached through a window just next to him without having to risk becoming entangled. Xen finds a scroll of spider climb and casts it on Sebastian. Sebastian sprints into the building which turns out to be the office of a scribe. The party can now see Malia and her men through the webs. They are casting spells on themselves, one of which causes magical masks to appear on their faces. Another causes ghostly spears to appear in their hands.

Xen casts pyrotechnics at Cindell’s flaming sphere, causing it to erupt in a blinding display of fireworks. Duncan and Blyx are temporarily blinded by the bright flash of light. Two of Malia’s men are as well. Cindell casts a spell that causes flames to appear in her hands. She burns herself free of the entangling webs. Malia appears to be waiting for the players to make a move. Before she can react, however, Sebastian climbs through the window onto the wall, easily grabs the journal, then climbs back into the building. Malia becomes furious and shouts “get them!”
The party flees. They don’t see any signs of pursuit. They decide to head to the Nine Lives to seek aid from the United Front.


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