Mark 1

Session 2-22
Nightfang; Victory in Khundrukar

Month 9, Day 1 ( cont)

The party exit the chamber of the succubus. They head south down the secret passageway nearby. Halfway down, they reach a side corridor leading east and they follow that. It leads into the rooms that were occupied by the female Duergar leader. They find them empty. It appears as though the leader and her guard fled the forge. The party head back to the junction in the secret passageway, then they turn south. It leads to the chasm with the waterfalls and the chain ladder. They remember seeing the ladder from across the chasm after exploring the forge room. They descend the ladder and lower riot down by rope. The climb is easy. They find themselves in a long natural rock chamber with a river running through it. The river is spanned by two bridges, one to the east and one to the west. They examine the eastern bridge and determine it’s not safe for Sebastian or Duncan to cross. They find the western bridge to be very sturdy, so they cross that and explore the natural caverns beyond. They find a waterfall with some tracks. Cindell is able to identify them as those of a young dragon. Finding nothing else of interest in this section of caverns, they decide to rest so Sebastian can prepare a spell to fix the east bridge. They turn back and head back up the ladder to the forge level and rest in the room that the duergar leader had occupied. They awaken and head back to the lower level. Sebastian casts his spell and the bridge is made whole again. Blyx crosses onto a narrow ledge bordering an underground lake. The chamber sounds large. She creeps along the ledge to get a better view of anything ahead. The ledge appears to continue wrapping around the southern edge of this large chamber as far as she can see. The water also continues into the darkness. The party follow her across the bridge. Suddenly, out of the water bursts the head of a black dragon. It shoots a line of acid into the party, then disappears back under the water. The party ready their attacks for when the dragon reemerges. The dragon surfaces near the ledge, is hit by a bolt, then charges to attack with its bite and claws. It takes some melee damage before diving back into the lake. It repeats this routine. Xen damages the dragon with magic missiles before being dropped. Blyx falls too, but is soon healed. Cindell summons a viper and sends it into the lake after the dragon. The party soon notice half of the dead snake has floated to the surface of the lake. After a long battle, the dragon appears to be growing desperate. It calls out from the safety of the lake and demands to know why the PC ’ shave invaded her lair. They respond by saying they have come to explore the dungeon for treasure. The dragon demands they leave immediately. They refuse. The battle continues for another few moments until the dragon is hit another couple of times. It dives back under the lake and doesn’t reappear. The party revive Xen and continue along the southern ledge of the black lake. They soon come to a small island glittering with stacked coins. They loot the island and find a good amount of coin and other treasures including a +2 Dwarven Waraxe engraved with Durgeddin’s personal mark. The party leave Khundrukar and head for Blasingdell.

Month 9, Day 3
The party arrive in Blasingdell. Word gets around that they defeated the orcs and discovered the legendary lost stronghold. The townsfolk take interest in them

Session 2-21
Back to Khundrakar; the succubus

Month 8, Day 28 (cont.)

The PC’s return to the temple to have their wisdom restored. Then, they head to the Knight and Wolf Inn. They decide to stay there for the night. Xen remains in their room upstairs attempting to learn spells while the rest of the party try to find information about the recent murders at the bar. They learn that the killings were all involved a stab to the heart, that each of the victims had 3 slashes to the face, and that they all had strange symbols painted around the body in their blood. They learn that the 3-4 victims were either from out of town or poor, and that the latest killing occurred in the Guild district. They hear that the manner of killings seem familiar to some of the older residents of Sylvandale because there were similar killings years ago. They ask about who may know more. They are told to ask the city watch. A couple of nobles tell them that they know a wealthy man by the name of Leerstrom was knowledgable about the murders years ago and that he had a collection of occult lore. The party head up to their room and sleep.

Month 8, Day 29

The party arise and depart for Khundrukar. They overtake some druids traveling east on the highway. They travel with them for some time talking. The druids tell them that they are returning from a meeting that was called to discuss the recent astronomical event. They are told that though the Druidic elders debated the exact meaning of the signs, they all agreed that it bodes ill. The PC’s continue down the highway and make camp near where the road splits north to Blasingdell.

Month 8, Day 30

The party decide to skip visiting Blasingdell. They arrive and instead head north into the foothills straight to Khundrukar. They make good time and make camp halfway into the valley.

Month 9, Day 1
The PC’s set off again to the north. Cindell begins to lose her way, but is able to discern true north thanks to a spell. They arrive at Khundrukar at 8:30. They see no signs of movement outside, so they head up the trail leading to the mountain door. They find bear tracks leading down the trail, and figure that the bear they had found and released inside must have found its way out safely. They enter the dungeon and descend to the level where they left off exploration. They see that no one is stationed outside the room where they encountered the female duergar leader. They head north into the hall with the room where Xen was killed. With the aid of a detect magic spell cast by Cindell, they check each room. They find a small amount of loot. One of the doors leads into a ruined and looted armory. Cindell finds an aura of transmutation emanating from an arming dummy inside. They figure the dummy to be another object which will animate and attack. They skip the room and head east to where the hallway terminates in a large room with another basin of dark water. There are looted dwarf and orc corpses here who must have died in the battle from a hundred years past. Sebastian casts another detect magic and they check the rooms to the east, finding nothing valuable. They get to the last door in the south wall. Sebastian detects multiple auras and Cindell notices a secret door hidden a few feet west of the door in the southern wall. The party open this door and see that it leads into a narrow corridor heading south toward where the chasm with the chain ladder must be. It also has a corridor that branches off to the west about halfway down. The party turn back to the first door in the south wall. Duncan opens the door. They see a beautiful woman dressed in worn clothes sitting at a desk in a small library. As they enter the room, she pleads with them to release her for her bonds. The party is suspicious of her since an aura of divination is coming from her. They question why she’s there and what she needs to be released from. She says she’s been trapped there by an evil wizard and that he’s on the level below. They ask her about what’s going on in the dungeon. She doesn’t know much, but tells them that a dragon resides below. The PC’s still don’t trust her and ask if she minds a truth spell being cast on her. As she gives her permission, Sebastian begins walking toward her. When Duncan asks what he’s doing, he doesn’t respond. The party attack. Her form changes into that of a seductive and evil looking naked woman with claws, horns, a tail, and wings. With an evil laugh she says that not everyone is what they seem. She claws at Riot as he closes to attack but misses. He snaps at her and she dodges it. Duncan calls out to her asking to just let them go and they will leave her alone. She says she will if they release her. Duncan says he releases her. She asks Cindell if she’s sure she doesn’t want one kiss before she leaves. Cindell refuses emphatically. The succubus teleports away with a laugh. The party check the room for loot and find several spell scrolls amongst the writings.

Session 2-20
Shopping in Sylvandale

Month 8, Day 28 (cont.)

The PC’s leave the cathedral and spend the next couple of hours shopping and restocking supplies. Blyx buys a + 1 shortsword. The party hear talk of gruesome murders in the city.

Session 2-19
Xen Killed; The Journey to Sylvandale

Month 8, Day 23, 12:30 AM

The party search the room and find treasure hidden in a compartment behind the altar. They go through the door to the south leading into the western part of the great hall and continue straight south to the door opposite the one they just came through. They enter what was once a kitchen for the original inhabitants of Khundrukar. As they walk in, the large table in the center of the room springs to life and attacks them. Riot makes his way around it to flank it, but gets caught by a terrible blow from the table. Duncan also manages to flank the table, and hits with a solid blow causing a long crack in it. Blyx steps up and strikes the table right where it’s not yet cracked splitting it in two. They head back into the great hall, this time trying the east door behind the throne. In the room beyond stands a lone duergar guarding another door to the east. He aims a crossbow at them as they advance into the room. Duncan calls out in dwarven asking if he’s a friend or foe. The guard calls to someone nearby, and an important looking duergar emerges from the door brandishing a two bladed sword. Sebastian is able to make her back down a bit, but she demands the heroes leave this part of the dungeon. She says she will allow them passage, but asks that they remove the dragon that’s in the cavern lake deep below. She offers to help them find the way, and says that they may keep the dragon’s hoard. She warns them that she will call reinforcements if they attempt to take this part of the dungeon. Sebastian senses that she’s nervous and hiding it. Sebastian tells her that they are badly injured and will return shortly to resume this negotiation. The dark dwarf insists that her guard accompany them to the room they are resting in for their “protection”. The party agree and rest in the room in the north halls where Sebastian turned the skeletons.

Month 8, Day 23, 8:30 AM

The party awaken to find the duergar guard gone.
They travel back down through the great hall into the room with the stairway into this level. Blyx searches the doors again for traps and finds none. Duncan steps between the statues and tries the door. The statues’ axes come down at him. He dodges one, but is hit by the other. Shrugging off the blow, Duncan tries the door again but it turns out to be false. Both doors in this room are false doors.
They travel back through the great hall and enter the halls to the north again. They head east down the unexplored hall with many doors. They try the first one in the south wall. They see this room once belonged to an important dwarf. They head through it to check out a writing desk in the corner. Suddenly, the fancy rug they’re walking on leaps up and grabs Duncan, Cindell, and Blyx. It wraps all three of them up and squeezes them, causing great injury to all three with its crushing force. Cindell and Blyx are dropped, dying. Xen complete a spell and hits the rug with an acid arrow. The rug drops the three heroes it had and attempts to grab the remaining three: Riot, Sebastian, and Xen. They all seize the opening and strike out at it. Riot and Sebastian hit, preventing the rug from grabbing them. Xen is not so lucky. His blow misses and the rug grabs him. He struggles to escape, but the rug is far too strong. The rug constricts and Xen is crushed to death. Sebastian heals Blyx. She throws a flask of alchemist’s fire at a section of the rug opposite of where they stand. The rug catches fire quickly. It misses making another attack while it twists that section around trying to extinguish the flames and failing. Sebastian heals Cindell. She casts a spell placing a flaming sphere on another unoccupied section of the rug. The sphere burns off more of the rug making it fall motionless. The party decide they must return to the cathedral of light in Sylvandale to have Xen raised. They gather up his body and leave the dungeon. They head back to Blasingdell

Month 8, Day 25

The heroes arrive at Blasingdell and stay the night at the Griffon’s Nest. They are awakened in the night by a severe windstorm sweeping through the area.

Month 8, Day 26

The PC’s awaken and find that it’s still storming out. They decide to wait at the inn until the weather clears up.

Month 8, Day 27

The PC’s awaken. The storms have passed, so they decide to depart for Sylvandale. They spend the day traveling west and camp for the night on the road.

Month 8, Day 28

The PC’s break camp and continue riding west on the highway. Near midday, 5 miles east of Sylvandale, the skies suddenly darken. They see a wall cloud ahead approaching fast. Using her superior sense of nature, Cindell can tell that there is rotation , and that a tornado is likely to form. She quickly leads the party off-road in search of shelter. They are able to find a dried out riverbed to duck into to get out of the open. They take shelter and watch as a funnel cloud descends and touches down to the north of the road ahead. It crosses the road and passes near enough to them to batter them with wind and throw debris all around them. The banks of the narrow riverbed protect them. The tornado passes to the south and east of them. Soon the skies again brighten, and the party take to the road to travel the last few miles to the city.

They arrive at noon and head directly to the Cathedral of Eternal Light in the Civic district. The people in the city seem particularly anxious. The party notice them gathered in small groups in the streets talking. They arrive at the temple and hand Xen over to the acolytes. They wait and he returns to them looking haggard. He says the high priestess mentioned something about a meteor having fallen days ago when the party were in the dungeon. She said that it and the storms made her believe that dark times may be on the way for these lands and that it may fall upon a few brave souls like them to stop it.

Session 2-18
A Ladder Downward; Twisted Undead

Month 8, day 22, 3:35 PM

The party investigate the eastern half of the long room with the river and forges. They see that the river drops into a large, deep chasm. They can make out a chain ladder going down as far as they can see hanging from a ledge on the northern edge of the chasm, but they can’t reach it from where they are. They turn back and finish searching for loot in the forge room. Returning to the great hall to the north, the party check the bodies of the duergar who fell there for valuables. Then, they choose to go through the door to the northeast. Heading north through the door, they walk into a 30 foot room with a dark pool in the middle. They hear a ghostly sound and babbling in dwarven. The babbling raises in tempo and intensity until everyone in the party except Sebastian and Riot are hypnotized by the sound. An allip approaches from the east hall. Riot retreats because he’s already injured from the previous battle. Sebastian begins rousing his friends. They come to their senses and do the same as they are hit by the allip and drained of their wisdom.

Their mundane weopons pass though the monster. Xen starts hitting the spectre with spells. Sebastian is struck several times, but uses his +1 morningstar to deal damage back to the ethereal creature. Cindell temporarily enchants her rapier with a spelll so she can hit the allip too. It takes time to land any blows on the ghostly creature. They finally deal it enough damage to destroy it, but not before Sebastian and Cindell are drained of more sanity by the creature’s touch.

The PC’s head south into a small room off the main forge room to rest and recover.

Month 8, day 23, 12:30 AM

After healing up, the party emerges from the small room and heads back north to where they defeated the allip. Two hallways branch off from that room to the east and west. Several doors lead off north and south from each. They head west. The north doors lead to a couple of small, mostly empty rooms. Duncan spots a secret door at the end of the hallway. The party walks through and finds a 10 foot hall ending in another secret door. They turn back and explore the rooms off the south of the hallway. The first is a small room that holds 8 dwarven skeletons that animate when the party walks in. Sebastian uses his greater turning ability to destroy them all. The party find and loot the body of a long dead rogue. Returning to the hallway, they find the next room to the south holds nothing interesting. They head back west and open the second secret door. They enter a long room with an altar that was once dedicated to dwarven gods. It looks to have been desicrated by the orcs. A dead orc in half plate kneels at the altar. As the party walk west into the room, the dead orc turns and smiles at them evilly and four large mace wielding ogre skeletons rise up and attack. The heroes are surrounded on the west, north, and south. Xen backs off to the east targeting the orc wight with spells.

Sebastian prays to the sun god to consecrate the area. The holiness negates the desecration in the room. The party do their best against the skeletons, but Riot, Blyx, and Cindell have trouble damaging them with their piercing weapons. Cindell switches to a sickle. It does a little better. Meanwhile the wight and Duncan square off but fail to hit each other. Xen hits the wight with one acid arrow then another. As the skeletons start to go down, the wight attempts first to attack the rest of the party, then turns back and attempts to flank Duncan. Seing an opening, the dwarf turns and brings the wight down with a mighty swing of his axe. The blow continues through the dead orc, and into a skeleton, dropping that as well.

Session 2-17
The Foundry; Battle in the Great Hall

Month 8, day 22, 3:30 PM

The party open the iron door. Beyond is a narrow corridor with stairs leading up. They give way to a 30 ft. hexagonal room. Three large statues of armed dwarven warriors guard two doors in the northwest and northeast walls. Blyx checks the room for traps and finds none. Cindell notices tracks forming a path that disappears right into the eastern wall. Sebastian casts detect magic to check the statues for anything out if the ordinary. He sees nothing there but detects an aura to the east through the wall with the tracks. The party find a secret door there and open it to find a short corridor with stairs.,Sebastian sees that the aura is coming from the thirteenth step.
They move in close to examine it. Sebastian can tell that the aura is that of a faint illusion. The party decide to continue up the stairway skipping that step. At the top of the stairs, they listen at the door. They can just make out conversation in dwarven on the other side. Duncan recognizes the accent as that of the Duergar. The party burst through the door into a very large hall with pillars, and take the dark dwarves by surprise. The party fire a round of ranged attacks and move closer. The dwarves react by taking cover behind the pillars and firing crossbows. A firefight ensues.

The PC’s slowly close the distance. Duncan charges in, beheads the Duergar’s leader and drops another in the same blow. Another of the dwarves falls. The remaining dark dwarf vanishes from view. The party tries briefly to find the invisible foe, but he makes his way to a set of double doors to the south. The party see the door open and can’t react in time to warning the dwarf shouts in the room beyond. They flank the doorway. They can see several more dark dwarves working at a forge. They spring to action, drawing crossbows and moving in position to guard the two bridges that span the river dividing the chamber from the pc’s half on the north. One of the dwarves casts a shield spell on itsself, and during the exchange of bolts and arrows, casts a flaming sphere near the doorway the party are using for cover. He immediately goes invisible right afterwards. Duncan is burned by the sphere once, but he manages to dodge it the second time. Meanwhile, the dark dwarves, having no cover, begin taking serious damage. As the last of them fall. The magic user’s rat darts out of hiding, but is quickly cut down. The party hear the wizard trying to escape to the east, but they run to block his passage. They hear him head north instead, over a bridge, and through the double doors they are flanking. Xen grabs him briefly but can’t hold on. Riot also misses, but is able to pick up his scent. The pc’s follow the wolf as he tracks down the duergar wizard. Riot again fails to grab the wizard in his jaws. Seeing where the wizard must be, Xen targets him and casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. They hear the dwarf cackle and drop to the floor convulsed by unstoppable laughter. The entire party jumps on him and kill him before he can get away again.

Session 2-16
Roper; Gricks

Month 8, Day 22, 7:00 AM

The party are attacked by the gray ooze. They back off and fire at it with ranged weapons. Having seen the apple dissolve upon hitting it, they are concerned about what the creature would do to their melee weapons. The ooze tries unsuccessfully to grab Blyx then Duncan, but is quickly killed. The party secure the door to the storage room and rest for 8 hours.

3:00 PM

The party head out of the storage rooms and travel west then south into a long natural cavern with a fast flowing river. It leads to the east. They check out a room off to the south. It smells of rot, and is flooded with 5 feet of stagnant water. They decide not to explore that room. They continue heading east. A small tunnel takes them over the river and down again into a similar narrow cavern with the same river running through it. They notice a peculiar looking stalagmite on the southern bank. After taking a moment to observe it, they can see nothing much out of the ordinary. They begin to continue east, but the stalagmite springs to life, ensnaring Cindell and Riot in long, silken strands that shoot out of it. It roars out in common that it plans on eating them for dinner. The party briefly try to put up resistance but the creature grabs two more of them. Realizing the futility of fighting such a battle, Duncan yells out to the creature that he and his friends mean no harm. They are only passing through. The roper asks what they will have it eat if it can’t eat them. The party suggests a troglodyte. The creature seems unimpressed. The party consider all the creature that they’ve killed above, then ask the roper if it will let them pass safely if they bring it a meal. The roper agrees but warns them that if they come back with no meal, that they shall become a meal. The party turn back and head back up into the Glitterhame above. There they explore the furthest reaches of the large cavern. Heading east along the path in the center, they spot two gricks hidden among boulders attempting to ambush them. Duncan and Riot charge. Duncan strikes the first a mighty blow that should have split it in half, but his axe only bounces off the creature’s rubbery skin having barely damaged it. Xen pelts the gricks with magic missiles. Thinking perhaps his magical morningstar will penetrate the creatures resistance, Sebastian closes with the second creature and takes a swing. He’s right. The magical weapon crushes the creature’s head. The party then struggles to hit the first grick. They keep hitting the boulder the creature is hiding behind.

It scores several hits on them with its tentacles, though it does little damage. Frustrated, the party withdraws about 20 feet back from the boulders. The raging creature follows them out and after several more blows bouncing off it’s hide, Sebastian finally lands another hit that drops it. The party head up the rocky slope the gricks were hiding in. They find a natural cavern room holding the remains of many meals. This appears to be the gricks’ lair. After sifting through the refuse, Blyx finds a good amount of coins on the decaying remains of humanoids. The party heads back down the rocky slope. They continue following the path to the east to a heavily reinforced iron door. Blyx checks for traps and finds none. Duncan tries opening it, but it’s locked. Blyx goes to work trying to pick the well made lock. For a moment she believes it will be too difficult to pick. Clearing her mind, she lets her hands work on instinct. The tumblers are thrown with a loud click and the door is no longer locked.
Session 2-15
Subterranean Lizard, The Sinkhole

Month 8, Day 21, 10:25 PM

The party search and loot the troglodyte caverns. They head down the corridor to the southeast.
They come upon a chamber with a giant lizard chained up. There are two chests just out of its reach. Cinndel attempts to calm the hostile creature so that they can set it free after Blyx checks the chests. She calms it a bit, but she doesn’t trust that it’s safe to get near it. The party decide to come back after resting. They lock themselves in the chamber that was inhabited by the troglodyte chieftain and rest for 8 hours.

Month 8, Day 22, 7:00 AM

The party arises and returns to the room with the subterranean lizard. Xen casts hypnosis on the creature. Meanwhile, Blyx searches and loots the chests and Cinndel releases the lizard from its bonds. The party continue on to the south east. They run into a long chamber with a waterfall and a sharply descending tunnel with carved steps. They take the tunnel down to a level a good distance below. They emerge into a natural chamber that has a wall of worked stone to the east with two doors. The party finds that both doors are stuck shut. They force the northern door and emerge in what must have been a large storeroom. They move to the south door which they also force open. They find this room to be completely empty. They return to the northern room and head further through open archways into a second chamber. There, in the middle of the floor, Duncan catches sight of a strange looking puddle in the center of the floor. Blyx decides to see how the puddle will react, she picks up a bit of dessicated food and throws it at the puddle. It hits, and the puddle seems to gather itself together and head straight at the party.

Session 2-14

Month 8, Day 21, 9:50 PM

Once the troglodytes are down, Blyx does a brief search of the southern portion of the room. When she finds nothing of interest, the party head to the door in the western wall. Listening outside, they are able to hear signs of life on the other side. They quietly open the door and head through. Blyx is sent forward to scout. She sights two sleeping troglodytes in a room ahead. She stealthily slips in and dispatches each silently, first one then the other. She can hear what sounds like more troglodytes in the rooms to the south. She sneaks up and sees that one of those rooms are occupied by 6 female troglodytes who seem to be caring for a dozen or so hatchlings. Cindell creeps up next to Blyx and casts an entangle spell near the center of the room. All but one of the adults are entangled.

Soon after the battle begins, 3 more troglodyte warriors emerge from the corridor to the south. One is sprinting toward another corridor in the northwest of the chamber. It makes it into the corridor and through the door at the end with with no problems. The other two begin attacking from the south. Meanwhile, the party begins dropping the females from the first room. After a few more moments of fighting, the party see a giant lizard emerge from the corridor to the northwest. Duncan charges it. An armored troglodyte appears out of nowhere behind Cinndel and stabs her back with a longspear. It is larger than the other troglodytes they’ve seen.

The party drops the last of the females, then the warriors. Sebastian casts detect magic and finds 3 auras in the area. He concentrates to learn more. Duncan and Xen finish off the lizard. The large troglodyte casts sleep, but Riot and Blyx shrug it off. He proves more difficult to hit, but as the whole party is able to turn their attention on him, he takes several hits. He casts invisibility on himself and begins to walk towards the door the party entered from. Sebastian, still concentrating on his detect magic spell, is able to follow him by the magical aura on him. He points out the direction the troglodyte is from him. Riot follows it’s scent and pinpoints it’s location, but is unable to damage the creature. Seeing this, Duncan and Cinndel slash at the air where riot attacked and the cleric is pointing, but strike nothing. Sebastian sees the aura disappear as the troglodyte takes off running out of the room.

Cinndel, Sebastian, and Duncan reach level 4

Session 2-13
Sepulchers, Troglodytes

Month 8, Day 21 9:35 PM

Upon leaving the chamber containing the two dwarf corpses, the party spots two troglodytes hiding in the chamber with the wooden gate. The PC’s attack.

One creature heads to the gate as though he is about to open it, but the PC’s drop them both before they can. Cinndel approaches the gate to see what animal is being held there. She sees a bear that (judging from it’s immediate aggression) appears to have been trained to guard the troglodytes. Her Druidic nature makes her feel like it’s wrong to leave the animal to starve now that the troglodytes are dead. She attempts to use empathy to calm the bear down, but the bear continues to act hostile. She decides to bring the bear some of the stirge carcasses, enough so that it has food to live on for awhile. She plans on returning to rescue the bear somehow once the party has finished clearing Khundrukar. The party now heads back to the west then south. They enter a large chamber filled with stone dwarven sepulchres. Duncan can tell that all but 3 are empty. Preferring not to disturb the dead, the party pass through to the southern end of the chamber. To the east, they see a very large cavern with a slope downward separating it from where they are now. To the southwest, they see a passage blocked off by mud. It appears to have been constructed by someone or something. Duncan easily pushes through. On the other side is another large chamber. A stream flows through a pool just in front of where the PC’s are now standing. They can smell the horrid stench of the troglodytes coming from this cavern. They spot butchered animal carcasses on the far side. The party ties a large rock into a rope and uses it to test the pool’s depth. They find that it’s 10 feet at the deepest. The rogue is sent to swim across the pool to get a better view of the northern half of the chamber. Doing so stealthily, she surfaces on the other side of the pool. She immediately spots two more troglodytes hiding along each of the cave’s walls. They appear to be on alert, probably by the sound of the the rock thrown into the water, but they can’t yet see Blyx or the rest of PC’s. Blyx lines up a sneak attack with her crossbow but misses. The troglodytes hurl javelins, then rush toward the pool and the crossing PC’s. One troglodyte meets several of the party, while just across the stream Blyx switches to her short sword and meets the other.

As she dodges it’s claws, Xen hits it with his crossbow from across the stream. Blyx then sinks her short sword into it finishing it off. The other creature is mauled by Riot’s bite, then dropped by Sebastian’s crossbow.


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