Mark 1

Session 2-1

Month 8, day 5

With the rest of the party remaining in Oakhurst, Cindel, Blyx, and Duncan travel on horseback to the city of Bridgeport. There, they spend the day selling loot obtained from the Sunless Citadel. They leave a sample of wood from the Gulthias tree and an unidentified potion in a crystal vial with the alchemist Jamund Ater (owner of The Sphinx’s Apothecary ) to be identified. They also bring a sample of the wood to the Arcane Academy.


…and a player quit.

Now looking for players!

session 2-1a

Month 8 Day 6: Cinndell, Blyx, and Duncan depart for Bridgeport. The rest of the party is staying at the Ol’ Boar in Oakhurst.

Day 7: Sebastian and Kern practice, pray, and study. Nico studies a scroll of shocking grasp, but fails to learn it.

Day 8: A diseased Paladin stumbles into the Ol’ Boar and collapses unconscious. The town healer identifies his ailment as the weeping plague, once deadly , but extinct for 2 centuries since a cure had been discovered. She needs more of a certain flower to produce the cure, and she requests the PC’s to harvest it. The only place it’s known to grow nearby however, is a forest 10 miles to the west called the Web Wood because it is infested with gigantic spiders. The party is joined by Kerrick, a local ranger acting for the good of Oakhurst. They stock up and depart on foot. Halfway to their destination, they are attacked by an ankheg. Though Sebastian is badly wounded by the creature’s acid attack, they defeat it quickly, and he is able to heal himself.

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