•pre-cataclysm kingdom was an early ally of the Sembrians, then a province

•wiped out by monstrous hordes and Ostrogaric barbarians

•Ostrogaric conquerers took the cities, set themselves up as kings, and mixed with the remaining Calimbrian population

•King (or chiefs) > nobility > free men

•women hold the rank of their father if unmarried, their husband if married

•Kings are selected by the people from the royal family

•free men of property are subject directly to the king. There is no hierarchy

•free men without property may swear fealty to those with property. As their lord, he is responsible for their upkeep including generous feasts and gifts

•in the case of being accused of a crime, punishment may be avoided if a fixed number (based on severity of the crime) of free men swear an oath that the accused is innocent. Trial by combat is also an option. No corporal punishment; revenge is left to the judgment of the victim’s family. Banishment is the most severe punishment

•noblemen comb their hair back or sideways and tie it into a knot as a sign of station. The more intricate or artful the knot, the more wealthy the noble

•settlements are typically small, rarely containing much more than ten households, often less, and are usually located by clearings in the woods.

Goblin Kingdom





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